Religion & Theology

Gender Equality in Religion

Gender Equality in Religion

Gender Equality in Religion

Journal Articles

Gender, Work, & Organization

Gender Equality as Institutional Work: The Case of the Church of Sweden

Prospects for Change? Structural, Cultural and Action Dimensions of the Careers of Pioneer Women Priests in the Church of England

The Scrutinized Priest: Women in the Church of England Negotiating Professional and Sacred Clothing Regimes

Modern Theology

The Eucharist and the Feminine Body: Real Presence, Transubstantiation, Communion


From Deaconess To Bishop: The Vicissitudes Of Women's Ministry In The Protestant Episcopal Church In The USA

Scholastic Theology And The Case Against Women's Ordination

New Black Friars

Ministry by Women Religious and the U.S. Apostolic Visitation

The Ecumenical Review

Ordination of Women in the Anglican Communion and the Ecumenical Debate

Women in the Church: Vatican II and After

Gender & History

‘Man Can be Subject to Woman’: Female Monastic Authority in Fifteenth-Century Poitiers


Re-invoking the Spirit of Vatican II: The Questions of Married Priests and Women's Ordination

Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion

Charisma, Status, and Gender in Groups With and Without Gurus

Book Chapters and Passages

Women in the Anglican Communion
Janet Trisk
From The Wiley-Blackwell Companion to the Anglican Communion

Social Ethics in the Making: Interpreting an American Tradition
Gary Dorrien

Women and the Reformation
Kirsi Stjerna

John F. A. Sawyer & Deborah F. Sawyer
From The Blackwell Companion to Bible and Culture

In Christ there is neither Male nor Female
Adrian Thatcher
From God, Sex, and Gender