Read high impact Sociological research

Read high impact Sociological research

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Recognized worldwide as a leading Sociology publisher, Wiley-Blackwell is home to a distinguished list of publications spanning the spectrum of the discipline. In partnership with prestigious international societies and the most highly regarded academics, we publish 20 journals ranked in the sociology category by ISI, including 6 of the top 20.

The American Journal of Economics and SociologyDoes Globalization Render People More Ethnocentric? Globalization and People's Views on Cultures
Satoshi Machida
Analyses of Social Issues and Public PolicyA Model of Authoritarianism, Social Norms, and Personal Values: Implications for Arizona Law Enforcement and Immigration Policy
Emily L. Fisher, Grace Deason, Eugene Borgida1 & Clifton M. Oyamot Jr.

Asian Social Work and Policy Review

Socio-Economic Factors and Mental Health of Young People in India and China: An Elusive Link with Globalization
M. Aslam Bhat & Tareak A. Rather

The British Journal of SociologyPolitical power beyond the State: problematics of government
Nikolas Rose & Peter Miller
Canadian Review of SociologySocioeconomic Status and Cumulative Disadvantage, Processes across the Life Course: Implications for Health Outcomes
Jamie A. Seabrook & William R. Avison
Children & Society

On the Rapid Rise of Social Networking Sites: New Findings and Policy Implications
Sonia Livingstone & David R. Brake

City & Community

Cities and the Creative Class
Richard Florida

City & SocietyInsurgent Citizenship in an Era of Global Urban Peripheries
James Holston
CriminologyParental Involvement in the Criminal Justice System and Development of Youth Theft, Marijuana Use, Depression, and Poor Academic Performance
Joseph Murray, Rolf Loeber & Dustin Pardin
Criminology & Public PolicyPrisoner Reentry, Employment, Signaling, and the Better Identification of Desisters
Daniel P. Mears & Julie Mestre
Gender, Work & OrganizationDiscourses of Work-Life Balance: Negotiating "Genderblind" Terms in Organizations
Janet Smithson & Elizabeth Stokoe
Global NetworksGlobalization and supply chain networks: the auto industry in Brazil and India
John Humphrey
International Journal of Japanese SociologyPitfalls of the "Nuclear Power Reduction" Movement
Shinji Miyadai
International Journal of Social WelfareRural migrant workers in urban China: Living a marginalised life
Daniel Fu Keung Wong, Chang Ying Li & He Xue Song
International Journal of Urban and Regional ResearchStruggling with the Creative Class
Jamie Peck
International MigrationEconomics of Human Trafficking
Elizabeth M. Wheaton, Edward J. Schauer & Thomas V. Galli
International Migration ReviewWhat Explains the Increasing Trend in African Emigration to the U.S?
Kevin J.A. Thomas 
International Political SociologyPierre Bourdieu and International Relations: Power of Practices, Practices of Power
Didier Bigo
International Social Science JournalGovernance as theory: five propositions
Gerry Stoker
International Social Security ReviewHealth insurance system financing reforms in the Netherlands, Germany and France: Repercussions for coverage and redistribution?
Pascale Turquet
Journal for the Scientific Study of ReligionA Clash of Civilizations? Preferences for Religious Political Leaders in 86 Nations
 Nate Breznau, Valerie A. Lykes, Jonathan Kelley & M. D. R. Evans
Journal for the Theory of Social BehaviourConceptualizing Religion and Spirituality: Points of Commonality, Points of Departure
Peter C. Hill, Kenneth II. Pargament, Ralph W. Hood, Jr., Michael E. McCullough, James P. Swyers, David B. Larson & Brian J. Zinnbauer
Journal of Agrarian ChangeGlobal Land Grabbing and Trajectories of Agrarian Change: A Preliminary Analysis 
Saturnino M. Borras Jr & Jennifer C. Franco
Journal of Historical Sociology

Sterilizing the "Feeble-minded": Eugenics in Alberta, Canada, 1929-1972
Jana Grekul, Arvey Krahn & Dave Odynak

Journal of Law and Society11 September 2001, Counter-terrorism, and the Human Rights Act
Conor Gearty
Journal of Marriage and FamilyReexamining the Case for Marriage: Union Formation and Changes in Well-Being
Kelly Musick & Larry Bumpass
Journal of Social IssuesSeeing Privilege Where It Isn't: Marginalized Masculinities and the Intersectionality of Privilege
Bethany M. Coston & Michael Kimmel
Journal of Urban AffairsThe Creative Underclass: Culture, Subculture, and Urban Renewal
George Morgan & Xuefei Ren 
Law & Society ReviewSituated Justice: A Contextual Analysis of Fairness and Inequality in Employment Discrimination Litigation
Ellen Berrey, Steve G. Hoffman & Laura Beth Nielsen
Personal RelationshipsPersonality Similarity, Perceptual Accuracy, and Relationship Satisfaction in Dating and Married Couples
Mieke Decuyper, Marleen De Bolle & Filip De Fruyt
Political PsychologyWhere To From Here for the Psychology of Social Change? Future Directions for Theory and Practice
Emina Subašić, Katherine J. Reynolds, Stephen D. Reicher & Bert Klandermans
Population and Development ReviewSame Sex Marriage: A New Social Phenomenon
Joseph Chamie & Barry Mirkin
Rural Sociology"Doing Gender", Ensuring Survival: Mexican Migration and Economic Crisis in the Rural Mountain West
Leah Schmalzbauer
Social Issues and Policy ReviewWomen and Men in Conflicting Social Roles: Implications from Social Psychological Research
Kimberley A. Clow & Rosemary Ricciardelli
Social Policy & AdministrationIdeas and Social Policy: An Institutional Perspective
Daniel Béland
Sociologia RuralisFood Supply Chain Approaches: Exploring their Role in Rural Development
Terry Marsden, Jo Banks & Gillian Bristow
Sociological ForumFat in the Fire? Science, the New Media, and the "Obesity Epidemic"
Abigail C. Saguy & Rene Almeling
Sociological InquiryThe Human Environment Dialog in Award-winning Children's Picture Books
 J. Allen Williams Jr., Christopher Podeschi, Nathan Palmer, Philip Schwadel, Deanna Meyler
The Sociological Quarterly

Fashion: From Class Differentiation to Collective Selection
Herbert Blummer

The Sociological ReviewUnderstanding home: a critical review of the literature
Shelley Mallett
Sociology CompassResearch in School Shootings
Glenn W. Muschert
Sociology of Health & Illness

Loss of self: a fundamental form of suffering in the chronically ill
Kathy Charmaz

Symbolic InteractionsJumping On and Off the Runaway Train of Success: Stress and Committed Intensity in an Academic Life
Carolyn Ellis
Working USAThe Role of the All China Federation of Trade Unions: Implications for Chinese Workers Today
Ruixue Bai