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Most Cited Articles

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Sociology Journals ISI Ranking
ISI Journal Citation Reports® 2015

Top Cited Articles Contributing to the 2015 Impact Factor
Journal of Marriage and Family

12/142 (Sociology); 12/140 (Family Studies)
Impact Factor: 1.77

Reexamining the Case for Marriage: Union Formation and Changes in Well-being
Kelly Musick, Larry Bumpass

The Burden of Deportation on Children in Mexican Immigrant Families
Joanna Dreby

Understanding Unique Effects of Parental Incarceration on Children: Challenges, Progress, and Recommendations
Elizabeth Johnson, Beth Easterling

Population and Development Review

19/142 (Sociology), 6/25 (Demography)
Impact Factor: 1.667

Unintended Consequences of US Immigration Policy: Explaining the Post-1965 Surge from Latin America
Douglas S. Massey, Karen A. Pren

The Latin American Cohabitation Boom, 1970-2007
Esteve, Albert; Lesthaeghe, Ron; Lopez-Gay, Antonio

How Similar Are Cohabitation and Marriage? Legal Approaches to Cohabitation across Western Europe
Brienna Perelli-Harris, Nora Sanchez Gassen

The British Journal of Sociology

2014: Sociology: 31 / 142 Impact Factor: 1.314

Struggles for value: value practices, injustice, judgment, affect and the idea of class
Beverley Skeggs, Vic Loveday

How fair is access to more prestigious UK universities?
Vickey Boliver

Canadian Review of Sociology

2014: Sociology: 97 / 142 Impact Factor: 0.550

The Mother-Citizen and the Working Girl: Frist-Wave Feminist Citizenship claims in Canada and Discursive Opportunities for Twenty-First Century Childcare
Helgar K. Hallgrimsdottir, Cecilia Benoit, Rachel Phillips

Socioeconomic Status and Cumulative Disadvantage Processes across the Life Course: Implications for Health Outcomes
Jamie A. Seabrook, William R. Avison

City & Community

2014: Sociology: 52 / 142, Urban Studies: 19 / 39 Impact Factor: 1.000

We Don't Live Outside, We Live in Here: Neighborhood and Residential Mobility Decisions Among Low-Income Families
Peter Rosenblatt, Stefanie DeLuca

Forging Hispanic Communities in New Destinations: A Case Study of Durham, North Carolina
Chenoa A. Flippen, Emilio A. Parradol

Global Networks

2014: Sociology: 37 / 137, Anthropology: 22 / 81, Geography: 28 / 76 Impact Factor: 1.255

Global care chains: a state-of-the-art review and future directions in care transnationalization research
Nicola Yeates

The worldwide maritime network of container shipping: spatial structure and regional dynamics
Cesar Ducruet, Theo Notteboom

International Political Sociology

2014: Sociology: 78 / 142, International Relations: 41 / 85, Political Science: 81 / 161 Impact Factor: 0.734

Beyond Informal Citizenship: The New Moral Economy of Migrant Illegality
Sebastien Chauvin, Blanca Garces-Mascarenas

Resilience and the Autotelic Subject: Toward a Critique of the Societalization of Security
David Chandler

Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion

2014: Sociology: 57 / 142 Impact Factor: 0.958

SSSR Presidential Address Public Religions and the Postsecular: Critical Reflections
James A. Beckford

Spiritual But Not Religious? Beyond Binary Choices in the Study of Religion
Nancy T. Ammerman

Journal of Historical Sociology

2014: Sociology: 121 / 142, History: 44 / 87, Anthropology: 61 / 83 Impact Factor: 0.298

North Korea's Militant Nationalism and People's Everyday Lives: Past and Present
Jin W. Kang

The History of the Social Constructions of Dönmes (Converts)
Turkay S. Nefes

Journal of Law and Society

2014: Sociology: 101 / 142, Law: 86 / 140 Impact Factor: .500

I Just Wanted Him to Hear Me': Sexual Violence and the Possibilities of Restorative Justice
Clare McGlynn, Nicole Westmarland, Nikki Godden

Juridification and the Construction of Social Citizenship
Anne-Mette Magnussen, Even Nilssen

Journal of Marriage and Family

2014: Sociology: 12 / 142, Family Studies: 12 / 40 Impact Factor: 1.770

Reexamining the Case for Marriage: Union Formation and Changes in Well-being
Kelly Musick, Larry Bumpass

What's (Not) Wrong With Low-Income Marriages
Benjamin R. Karney, Thomas E. Trail

Law & Society Review

2014: Sociology: 41 / 142, Law: 42 / 140 Impact Factor: 1.20

Indicators as a Technology of Global Governance
Kevin E> Davis, Benedict Kinsbury, Sally E. Merry

Situated Justice: A Contextual Analysis of Fairness and Inequality in Employment Discrimination Litigation
Ellen Berrey, Steve G. Hoffman, Laura Beth Nielson

Nations and Nationalism2014: Sociology: 107 / 142, Ethnic Studies: 12 / 15 History 22 / 87 Political Science 111 / 161 Impact Factor: 0.444

Minority nationalism and immigrant integration in Canadae
Keith Banting, Soroka Stuart

Religion and nationalism: four approaches
Rogers Brubaker

Rural Sociology

2014: Sociology: 29 / 142 Impact Factor: 1.409

Entrepreneurial In-migration and Neoendogenous Rural Development
Gary Bosworth, Jane Atterton

The Relationship between Marcellus Shale Gas Development in Pennsylvania and Local Perceptions of Risk and Opportunity
Kai A. Schafft, Yetkin Borlu, Glenna Leland

Social Science Quarterly2014: Sociology: 69 / 142 Political Science 72 / 161 Impact Factor: 0.791

Home Foreclosures and Community Crime: Causal or Spurious Association?
David S Kirk, Derek S. Hyra

A Multicity Neighborhood Analysis of Foreclosure and Crime
Danielle Wallace, Kevin T. Wolff, Ashley N> Arnio

Sociologia Ruralis

2014: Sociology: 23 / 142, Geography: 29 / 76 Impact Factor: 1.306

Why do Social Innovations in Rural Development Matter and Should They be Considered More Seriously in Rural Development Research? - Proposal for a Stronger Focus on Social Innovations in Rural Development Research
Stefan Neumeier

Veterinary Realities: What is Foot and Mouth Disease?
John Law, Annemarie Mol

Sociological Forum

5 Year Impact Factor: 1.359

Narratives of Crime and Criminals: How Places Socially Construct the Crime Problem
Andrea Leverentz

Going Green: The Process of Lifestyle Change
Janet A. Lorenzen

Sociological Inquiry

2014: Sociology: 74 / 142 Impact Factor: 0.75

Homosexuality, Religion, and Science: Moral Authority and the Persistence of Negative Attitudes
Andrew L. Whitehead, Josepth O. Baker

The Price of Opportunity: Race, Student Loan Debt, and College Achievement
John R. Reynolds, Brandon A. Jackson

The Sociological Quarterly

2014: Sociology: 51 / 142 Impact Factor: 1.028

Three Ecologies: Urban Metabolism and the Society-Nature Opposition
David Wachsmuth

Culture and the Structure of Tyrannylessness
Darcy K. Leach

The Sociological Review5 Year Impact Factor: 1.99

Living with the h-index? Metric assemblages in the contemporary academy
Roger Burrows

Live sociology: social research and its futures
Les Back

Sociology of Health & Illness

2014: Sociology: 20 / 142, Social Science Biomedical: 11 / 38 Impact Factor: 1.665

The impact of management on medical professionalism: a review
Dino Numerato, Domenico Salvatore, Giovanni Fattore

Health inequalities
Graham Scrambler

Symbolic Interactions

2014: Sociology: 90 / 142 Impact Factor: 0.625

(Mis)Understanding Abortion Regret
Katrina Kimport

Sometimes, I think I might say too much: Dark Secrets and the Performance of Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Alex Thompson

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