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Most Cited Articles

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Top Cited Articles
 The American Journal of Economics and Sociology

2013: Sociology: 114 / 137, Economics: 265 / 332 Impact Factor: 0.33

Social Ecological Economics: Understanding the Past to See the Future
Clive L. Spash

Lineages of Embeddedness: On the Antecedents and Successors of a Polanyian Concept
Gareth Dale

The British Journal of Sociology

2013: Sociology: 53 / 137 Impact Factor: 1.013

'The whole is always smaller than its parts' - a digital test of Gabriel Tardes' monads
Bruno Latour, Pablo Jensen, Tommaso Venturini, Sébastian Grauwin and Dominique Boullier

The displaced and dispossessed of Darfur: explaining the sources of a continuing state-led genocide
John Hagan, Joshua Kaiser

Canadian Review of Sociology

2013: Sociology: 95 / 137 Impact Factor: 0.568

The Graying of "Sexual Health": A Critical Research Agenda
Barbara L. Marshall

Socioeconomic Status and Cumulative Disadvantage Processes across the Life Course: Implications for Health Outcomes
Jamie A. Seabrook, William R. Avison

City & Community

2013: Sociology: 72 / 137, Urban Studies: 24 / 38 Impact Factor: 0.778

Of Dogs and Men: The Making of Spatial Boundaries in a Gentrifying Neighborhood
Sylvie Tissot

From Central Places to Network Bases: A Transition in the U.S. Urban Hierarchy, 1900-2000
Zachary P. Neal

Global Networks

2013: Sociology: 37 / 137, Anthropology: 22 / 81, Geography: 28 / 76 Impact Factor: 1.255

Global care chains: a state-of-the-art review and future directions in care transnationalization research
Nicola Yeates

Structural changes in the 2003-2009 global hyperlink network
Han Woo Park, George A. Barnett, Chung Joo Chung

International Political Sociology

2013: Sociology: 19 / 137, International Relations: 11 / 82, Political Science: 25 / 156 Impact Factor: 1.5

Pierre Bourdieu and International Relations: Power of Practices, Practices of Power
Didier Bigo

The Struggle Over Global Higher Education: Actors, Institutions, and Practices
Niilo Kauppi, Tero Erkkila

Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion

2013: Sociology: 42 / 137 Impact Factor: 1.153

Religion and Suicide Acceptability: A Cross-National Analysis
Steven Stack, Augustine J. Kposowa

Taking Talk Seriously: Religious Discourse as Social Practice
Robert J. Wuthnow

Journal of Historical Sociology

2013: Sociology: 126 / 137, History: 42 / 72, Anthropology: 70 / 81 Impact Factor: 0.196

Translation as Erasure: Thoughts on Modernity's Epistemic Violence
Rolando Vazquez

A Vertical World: The Eastern Alps and Modern Mountaineering
Kerwin Lee Klein

Journal of Law and Society

2013: Sociology: 70 / 137, Law: 55 / 131 Impact Factor: .792

New Foundations of Transnational Private Regulation
Fabrizio Cafaggi

The Conceptual and Constitutional Challenge of Transnational Private Regulation
Colin Scott, Fabrizio Cafaggi, Linda Senden

Journal of Marriage and Family

2013: Sociology: 12 / 137, Family Studies: 11 / 39 Impact Factor: 1.899

Toward Best Practices in Analyzing Datasets with Missing Data: Comparisons and Recommendations
David R. Johnson, Rebekah Young

Reexamining the Case for Marriage: Union Formation and Changes in Well-being
Kelly Musick, Larry Bumpass

Law & Society Review

2013: Sociology: 29 / 137, Law: 29 / 131 Impact Factor: 1.31

Legal Consciousness of Undocumented Latinos: Fear and Stigma as Barriers to Claims-Making for First- and 1.5-Generation Immigrants
Leisy J. Abrego

Has Legal Realism Damaged the Legitimacy of the US Supreme Court?
James L. Gibson, Gregory A. Caldeira

Population and Development Review

2013: Sociology: 6 / 137, Demography: 2 / 24 Impact Factor: 2.306

Economic Recession and Fertility in the Developed World
Tomas Sobotka, Vegard Skirbekk, Dimiter Philipov

Family Policies in OECD Countries: A Comparative Analysis
Olivier Thevenon

Rural Sociology

2013: Sociology: 40 / 137 Impact Factor: 1.163

The Continuing Incidence of Natural Decrease in American Counties
Kenneth M. Johnson

Social Capital and Human Mortality: Explaining the Rural Paradox with County-Level Mortality Data
Tse-Chuan Yang, Leif Jensen, Murali Haran

Sociologia Ruralis

2013: Sociology: 24 / 137, Geography: 25 / 76 Impact Factor: 1.362

Good Farmers, Good Neighbours? The Role of Cultural Capital in Social Capital Development in a Scottish Farming Community
Lee-Ann Sutherland, Rob J. F. Burton

Veterinary Realities: What is Foot and Mouth Disease?
John Law, Annemarie Mol

Sociological Forum

5 Year Impact Factor: 1.269

Going Green: The Process of Lifestyle Change
Janet A. Lorenzen

Migration, International Telecommunications, and Human Rights
Rob Clark, Jason Hall

Sociological Inquiry

2013: Sociology: 98 / 137 Impact Factor: .558

World Economy, World Society, and Environmental Harms in Less-Developed Countries
Andrew K. Jorgenson, Christopher Dick, John M. Shandra

Racialized Customer Service in Restaurants: A Quantitative Assessment of the Statistical Discrimination Explanatory Framework
Zachary W. Brewster

The Sociological Quarterly

2013: Sociology: 15 / 137 Impact Factor: 1.69

The Politicization of Climate Change and Polarization in the American Public's Views of Global Warming, 2001-2010
Aaron M. McCright, Riley E. Dunlap

Backstage Discourse and the Reproduction of White Masculinities
Matthew W. Hughey

The Sociological Review

5 Year Impact Factor: 1.220

Living with the h-index? Metric assemblages in the contemporary academy
Roger Burrows

Migrants' social networks and weak ties: accessing resources and constructing relationships post-migration
Louise Ryan

Sociology of Health & Illness

2013: Sociology: 10 / 137, Social Science Biomedical: 8 / 37 Impact Factor: 2.014

Review article: Politics, welfare regimes, and population health: controversies and evidence
Carles Muntaner, Carme Borrell, Edwin Ng, Haejoo Chung, Albert Espelt, Maica Rodriguez-Sanz, Joan Benach, and Patricia O’Campo

The pharmaceuticalisation of society? A framework for analysis
Simon J. Williams, Paul Martin, Jonathan Gabe

Symbolic Interactions

2013: Sociology: 99 / 137 Impact Factor: 0.519

Constructing Clean Dreams: Accounts, Future Selves, and Social and Structural Support as Desistance Work
Alexes Harris

"Scissors, Please": The Practical Accomplishment of Surgical Work in the Operating Theater
Jeff Bezemer, Ged Murtagh, Alexandra Cope, Gunther Kress and Roger Kneebone

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Top Cited
Analyses of Social Issues and Public Policy

Immigration Reform and the Potential for Psychosocial Trauma: The Missing Link of Lived Human Experience
Lisa Lopez Levers, Debra Hyatt-Burkhart

Military Social Influence in the Global Information Environment: A Civilian Primer
Sara B. King

Asian Social Work and Policy Review

Socio-Economic Factors and Mental Health of Young People in India and China: An Elusive Link with Globalization
M. Aslam Bhat & Tareak A. Rather

Children & Society

Cyberbullying: Predicting Victimisation and Perpetration
Michel Walrave

'Big Society' in the UK: A Policy Review
Kathy Evans

City & SocietyInsurgent Citizenship in an Era of Global Urban Peripheries
James Holston

Neuropsychological Measures of Executive Function and Antisocial Behavior: A Meta-Analysis
James M. Ogilvie, Anna L. Stewart, Raymond C. K. Chan and David H. K. Shum

Gang Membership as a Turning Point in the Life Course
Chris Melde, Finn-Aage Esbensen

Criminology & Public Policy

Imprisonment and crime can both be reduced?
Steven N. Durlauf, Daniel S. Nagin

Mass imprisonment and racial disparities in childhood behavioral problem
Sara Wakefield, Christopher Wildeman

Gender, Work & Organization

Women's Career Success and Work-life Adaptations in the Accountancy and Medical Professions in Britain
Rosemary Crompton, Clare Lyonette

Unsettling Universities' Incongruous, Gendered Bureaucratic Structures: A Case-study Approach
Sharon R. Bird

International Journal of Japanese SociologyPitfalls of the "Nuclear Power Reduction" Movement
Shinji Miyadai
International Journal of Social Welfare

Cash transfers, social protection and poverty reduction
Rachel Slater

Trends in long-term sickness absence in Sweden 1992-2008: the role of economic conditions, legislation, demography, work environment and alcohol consumption
Ulrik Lidwall, Staffan Marklund

International Journal of Urban and Regional Research

Cities in a World of Cities: The Comparative Gesture
Jennifer Robinson

Slumdog Cities: Rethinking Subaltern Urbanism
Ananya Roy

International Migration

The Experiences of Accession 8 Migrants in England: Motivations, Work and Agency
Joanne Cook, Peter Dwyer, Louise Waite

New Immigrants - Old Disadvantage Patterns? Labour Market Integration of Recent Immigrants into Germany
Irena Kogan

International Migration Review

The Educational Legacy of Unauthorized Migration: Comparisons Across US-Immigrant Groups in How Parents' Status Affects Their Offspring
Frank D. Bean, Mark A. Leach, Susan K. Brown, James D. Bachmeier and John R Hipp

Pathways to El Norte: Origins, Destinations, and Characteristics of Mexican Migrants to the United States
Fernando Riosmena, Douglas S. Massey

International Social Science JournalGovernance as theory: five propositions
Gerry Stoker
International Social Security ReviewHealth insurance system financing reforms in the Netherlands, Germany and France: Repercussions for coverage and redistribution?
Pascale Turquet
Journal for the Theory of Social Behaviour

The Causal Power of Discourse
Dave Elder-Vass

New Perspectives on the Study of the Authority Relationship: Integrating Individual and Societal Level Research
Davide Morselli, Stefano Passini

Journal of Agrarian Change

Global Land Grabbing and Trajectories of Agrarian Change: A Preliminary Analysis
Saturnino M. Borras, Jr., Jennifer C. Franco

The Political Economy and Ecology of Capture Fisheries: Market Dynamics, Resource Access and Relations of Exploitation and Resistance
Liam Campling, Elizabeth Havice, Penny McCall Howard

Journal of Social Issues

Toward a Social Psychology of Globalization
Chi-yue Chiu, Peter Gries, Carlos J. Torelli and Shirley Y. Y. Cheng

Identity and Academic Success among Underrepresented Ethnic Minorities: An Interdisciplinary Review and Integration
Moin Syed, Margarita Azmitia, Catherine R. Cooper

Journal of Urban Affairs

Policy Innovation, Intergovernmental Relations, and the Adoption of Climate Protection Initiatives by U.S. Cities
Rachel M. Krause

Beyond Mobility: The Limits of Liberal Urban Policy
David Imbroscio

Personal Relationships

Communication in social networks: Effects of kinship, network size, and emotional closeness
Sam G. B. Roberts, Robin I. M. Dunbar

Approach motivation and the expansion of self in close relationships
Brent A. Mattingly, Kevin P. Mcintyre, Gary W. Lewandowski, Jr.

Political Psychology

Linking Genetics and Political Attitudes: Reconceptualizing Political Ideology
Kevin B. Smith, Douglas R. Oxley, Matthew V. Hibbing, John R. Alford and John R. Hibbing

Motivated Closed-Mindedness Mediates the Effect of Threat on Political Conservatism
Hulda Thorisdottir, John T. Jost

Social Issues and Policy Review

A Critical Review of Official Public Apologies: Aims, Pitfalls, and a Staircase Model of Effectiveness
Michael J. A. Wohl, Matthew J. Hornsey, Catherine R. Philpot

Collective Reactions to Threat: Implications for Intergroup Conflict and for Solving Societal Crises
Immo Fritsche, Eva Jonas, Thomas Kessler

Social Policy & Administration

An Audit of the Welfare Modelling Business
Martin Powell, Armando Barrientos

Root and Branch Restructuring to Achieve Major Cuts: The Social Policy Programme of the 2010 UK Coalition Government
Peter Taylor-Gooby

Sociology CompassResearch in School Shootings
Glenn W. Muschert
Working USAThe Role of the All China Federation of Trade Unions: Implications for Chinese Workers Today
Ruixue Bai