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Most Read Articles

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American Journal of Economics and Sociology Asian Social Work and Policy Review Bulletin of Latin American Research Canadian Review of Sociology/Revue canadienne de sociologie Children & Society 
City & Community  Criminology Criminology & Public Policy Development and Change Development Policy Review 
Family and Consumer Sciences Research Journal Family Process Gender, Work & Organization Global Networks International Journal of Japanese Sociology 
International Journal of Social Welfare International Journal of Urban and Regional Research International Migration International Migration Review International Social Security Review 
Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion Journal for the Theory of Social Behaviour Journal of Agrarian Change Journal of Family Theory & Review Journal of Historical Sociology 
Journal of Marital and Family Therapy Journal of Marriage and Family Journal of Social Philosophy Journal of Urban Affairs Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health 
Population and Development Review Rural Sociology Social Policy & Administration Sociological ForumSociological Inquiry 
Sociology CompassSociology of Health & Illness Studies in Family PlanningSymbolic Interaction The British Journal of Sociology
The Sociological QuarterlyThe Sociological ReviewWorkingUSA  

American Journal of Economics and Sociology
Toward an Integrated Theory of Social Stratification
Douglas Bowles

Asian Social Work and Policy Review
Women's Empowerment or Disempowerment through Microfinance: Evidence from Bangladesh
Isahaque Ali, Zulkarnain A. Hatta

Bulletin of Latin American Research
Twenty-First Century Socialism? The Elusive Search for a Post-Neoliberal Development Model in Bolivia and Ecuador
Amy Kennemore, Gregory Weeks

Canadian Review of Sociology/Revue canadienne de sociologie
Tattooing and Civilizing Processes: Body Modification as Self-control
Michael Atkinson

Children & Society
On the Rapid Rise of Social Networking Sites: New Findings and Policy Implications
Sonia Livingstone, David R Brake

City & Community
Cities and the Creative Class
Richard Florida

The Place of Context: A Theory and Strategy for Criminology's Hard Problems
Robert J. Sampson

Criminology & Public Policy
Deterrence and the Death Penalty
Sonja E. Siennick

Development and Change
The World City Hypothesis
John Friedmann

Development Policy Review
The Impact of Transparency and Accountability Initiatives
John Gaventa, Rosemary McGee

Family and Consumer Sciences Research Journal
The Impact of Body Image on Consumers’ Perceptions of Idealized Advertising Images and Brand Attitudes
Ui-Jeen Yu, Mary L. Damhorst, Daniel W. Russell

Family Process
Solution-Focused Brief Therapy: A Review of the Outcome Research
Wallace J. Gingerich, Sheri Eisengart

Gender, Work & Organization
Discourses of Work–Life Balance: Negotiating ‘Genderblind’ Terms in Organizations
Janet Smithson, Elizabeth H. Stokoe

Global Networks
Globalization and supply chain networks: the auto industry in Brazil and India
John Humphrey

International Journal of Japanese Sociology
Pitfalls of the “Nuclear Power Reduction” Movement
Shinji Miyadai

International Journal of Social Welfare
Rural Migrant Workers in Urban China: Living a Marginalised Life
Daniel Fu Keung Wong, Chang Ying Li, He Xue Song

International Journal of Urban and Regional Research
Struggling with the Creative Class
Jamie Peck

International Migration
Describing the Unobserved: Methodological Challenges in Empirical Studies on Human Trafficking
Guri Tyldum, Anette Brunovskis

International Migration Review
Unauthorized Immigration to the United States: Annual Estimates and Components of Change, by State, 1990 to 2010
Robert Warren, John Robert Warren

International Social Security Review
The Health Care System of the People's Republic of China: Between Privatization and Public Health Care
Dongmei Liu, Barbara Darimont

Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion
Acceptance of Evolution and Support for Teaching Creationism in Public Schools: The Conditional Impact of Educational Attainment
Joseph O. Baker

Journal for the Theory of Social Behaviour
Conceptualizing Religion and Spirituality: Points of Commonality, Points of Departure
Peter C. Hill, Kenneth II. Pargament, Ralph W. Hood, Jr., Michael E. McCullough, James P. Swyers, David B. Larson, Brian J. Zinnbauer

Journal of Agrarian Change
Global Land Grabbing and Trajectories of Agrarian Change: A Preliminary Analysis
Saturnino M. Borras Jr, Jennifer C. Franco

Journal of Family Theory & Review
Attachment, Identity, and Intimacy: Parallels Between Bowlby's and Erikson's Paradigms
Joe F. Pittman, Margaret K. Keiley, Jennifer L. Kerpelman, Brian E. Vaughn

Journal of Historical Sociology
Sterilizing the “Feeble-minded”: Eugenics in Alberta, Canada, 1929–1972
Jana Grekul, Arvey Krahn, Dave Odynak

Journal of Marital and Family Therapy
Four Useful Interventions in Brief Family Therapy
Steve Shazer, Alex Molnar

Journal of Marriage and Family
Research on Domestic Violence in the 1990s: Making Distinctions
Michael P. Johnson, Kathleen J. Ferraro

Journal of Social Philosophy
Stopping the Traffic in Women: Power, Agency and Abolition in Feminist Debates over Sex-Trafficking
Kathy Miriam

Journal of Urban Affairs
Social and Ethnic Segregation in Europe: Levels, Causes, and Effects
Sako Musterd

Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health
Abortion Incidence and Access to Services In the United States, 2008
Rachel K. Jones, Kathryn Kooistra

Population and Development Review
Population, Policy, and Politics: How Will History Judge China's One-Child Policy?
Wang Feng, Yong Cai, and Baochang G

Rural Sociology
A More Perfect Commodity: Bottled Water, Global Accumulation, and Local Contestation
Daniel Jaffee, Soren Newman

Social Policy & Administration
Ideas and Social Policy: An Institutionalist Perspective
Daniel Béland

Sociological Forum
Fat in the Fire? Science, the News Media, and the “Obesity Epidemic”
Abigail C. Saguy, Rene Almeling

Sociological Inquiry
Diagnosing Discrimination: Stress from Perceived Racism and the Mental and Physical Health Effects
Kathryn Freeman Anderson

Sociology Compass
Research in School Shootings
Glenn W. Muschert

Sociology of Health & Illness
Loss of Self: A Fundamental Form of Suffering in the Chronically Ill
Kathy Charmaz

Studies in Family Planning
Ethiopia: An Emerging Family Planning Success Story
David J. Olson, Andrew Piller

Symbolic Interaction
Understanding Sheng Nu (“Leftover Women”): the Phenomenon of Late Marriage among Chinese Professional Women
Sandy To

The British Journal of Sociology
Declining Inequality? The Changing Impact of Socio-Economic Background and Ability on Education in Australia
Gary N. Marks, Julie McMillan

The Sociological Quarterly
Fashion: From Class Differentiation to Collective Selection
Herbert Blumer

The Sociological Review
Understanding Home: A Critical Review of the Literature
Shelley Mallett

The Marxist View of the Labor Unions: Complex and Critical
Dan La Botz