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  Applied Stochastic Models in Business and Indusrty

Applied Stochastic Models in Business and Industry

The official journal of the ISBIS publishes contributions in the interface between stochastic modelling, data analysis and their application in business, finance, insurance, management and production.

Issues (2011): 27:1, 27:2, 27:3


 Australian and New Zealand Journal of Statistics

Australian & New Zealand Journal of Statistics  

Published on behalf of The Statistical Society of Australia Inc. and The New Zealand Statistical Association it is divided into two sections. The Applications Section publishes papers demonstrating applications of statistical techniques to problems faced by users of statistics in the sciences, government and industry. The Theory and Methods Section publishes papers containing original contributions to the theory and methodology of statistics, econometrics and probability.

Issues (2011): 53:1, 53:2


 Biometrical Journal

Biometrical Journal   

Publishes original contributions on statistics and related methodology for applications in life sciences including medicine, environmental sciences and agriculture.

Issues (2011): 53:1, 53:2, 53:3



Biometrics - Impact Factor of 1.412, No.27 in Statistics and Probability category*  

Published on behalf of the International Biometric Society, it emphasizes the role of statistics and mathematics in the biosciences. Objectives are to promote and extend the use of statistical and mathematical methods in the principal disciplines of biosciences by reporting on the development and application of these methods.

Issues (2011): 67:1, 67:2

 British Journal of Mathematical and Statistical Psychology

British Journal of Mathematical and Statistical Psychology -  Ranked 38/117 in the ISI Journal Citation Statistics and Probability category

The British Journal of Mathematical and Statistical Psychology publishes articles relating to areas of psychology which have a greater mathematical or statistical aspect of their argument than is usually acceptable to other journals.

Issues (2011) 64:1, 64:2


 Canadian Journal of Statistics

Canadian Journal of Statistics

The official journal of the Statistical Society of Canada. It has a reputation internationally as an excellent journal. The editorial board is comprised of statistical scientists with applied, computational, methodological, theoretical and probabilistic interests. 

Issues (2011): 39:1, 39:2


Econometrica -  Ranked 3/117 in the ISI Journal Citation Statistics and Probability category

Econometrica publishes original articles in all branches of economics - theoretical and empirical, abstract and applied, providing wide-ranging coverage across the subject area.

Issues (2011): 79:1, 79:2, 79:3




The official journal of The International Environmetrics Society. The journal addresses the development and application of quantitative methods in the environmental sciences and is a ‘must have’ for all professional statisticians and researchers concerned with environmental, ecological and biological sciences. It covers a broad range of statistical, mathematical and engineering topics dealing with the analysis of environmental changes and their impacts on humans and various life forms and ecological relationships.

Issues (2011): 22:1, 22:2, 22:3, 22:4



 International Statistical Review

International Statistical Review

Published on behalf of The International Statistical Institute. This is the only international journal publishing review papers covering the whole spectrum of statistics and probability. Papers appeal to practitioners and researchers in: statistical theory and methodology, official statistics, survey statistics, statistical computing, statistical graphics, statistical education, business and industrial statistics and environmetrics.

Issues (2011): 78:3, 79:1


 Journal of Chemometrics

Journal of Chemometrics -  Impact Factor of 1.937, No.14 in Statistics and Probability category*    

High quality, peer-reviewed original research, reviews and short communications on the fundamental and applied aspects of chemometrics ensure that this international journal is the journal of choice for chemists, statisticians and mathematicians working with chemical data.

Issues (2011): 25:1, 25:2, 25:3, 25:4, 25:5, 25:6


 Royal Statistical Society Series A - Statistics in Society

Journal of the Royal Statistical Society Series A - Statistics in Society  

Statistics in Society publishes papers that demonstrate clear statistical thinking on issues of importance to society in an accessible way. Publishing articles across the full range of social disciplines, including education, sociology, medicine, the law, demography, government, politics and economics, the journal is aimed at a wide statistical audience.

Issues (2011): 174:1, 174:2


 Royal Statistical Society Series B - Statistical Methodology

Journal of the Royal Statistical Society Series B - Statistical Methodology
Impact Factor of 4.81, No.2 in Statistics and Probability category*    

Statistical Methodology has a long tradition of publishing work at the leading edge of methodological development, with a strong emphasis on relevance to statistical practice. It aims to disseminate work which is innovative, insightful and likely to have a substantial impact on the way that data are collected and analysed.

Issues (2011): 73:1, 73:2, 73:3

 Royal Statistical Society Series C -Applied Statistics

Journal of the Royal Statistical Society Series C - Applied Statistics

Applied Statistics is a journal of international repute for statisticians both inside and outside the academic world. The journal is concerned with papers which deal with novel solutions to real life statistical problems by adapting or developing methodology, or by demonstration of the proper application of new or existing statistical methods to them. 

Issues (2011): 60:1, 60:2, 60:3


 Journal of Time Series Analysis

Journal of Time Series Analysis  

Time series analysis has become one of the most important and widely used branches of mathematical statistics. Its fields of application range from neurophysiology to astrophysics and it covers well-known areas such as economic forecasting, study of biological data, control systems, signal processing and communications and vibrations engineering.

Issues (2011): 32:1, 32:2, 32:3


 Research Synthesis Methods

Research Synthesis Methods - NEW

The Official Journal of The Society for Research Synthesis Methodology is a forum for cross-disciplinary exchange of methods related to evidence synthesis used in all fields of empirical research. It is devoted to the development and dissemination of cross-disciplinary methods for designing, conducting, analyzing, interpreting and applying systematic research synthesis.

Issues (2011): 2:1, 2:2



Provides a central forum for the distribution of timely information about network problems, their design and mathematical analysis, as well as efficient algorithms for carrying out optimization on networks.

Issues (2011): 57:1, 57:2, 57:3


 Naval Research Logistics

Naval Research Logistics
It's Not Just Naval - It's Much More!

Founded in 1954, NRL has a distinguished history of publication of both seminal methodological contributions and innovative applications. While retaining its interest in naval and other military applications, NRL has for decades been a broad-based journal devoted to operations and analysis problems in business, industry and government.

Issues (2011): 58:1, 58:2, 58:3, 58:4 


 Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics

Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics

Publishing international research papers on current practical issues in applied economics, the Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics is essential reading for academic and professional economists in both the private and public sector.

Issues (2011): 73:1, 73:2, 73:3

 Pharmaceutical Statistics

 Pharmaceutical Statistics  

This high quality, peer-reviewed journal reflects the nature of the pharmaceutical industry through its international and multi-disciplinary coverage. It covers all aspects of statistical applications in the industry from discovery, through pre-clinical development, clinical development, post-marketing surveillance, consumer health, production, epidemiology and health economics.

Issues (2011): 10:1, 10:2, 10:3


 Quality and Reliability Engineering International

Quality and Reliability Engineering International  

Devoted to the practical engineering aspects of quality and reliability. It addresses the development and application of existing theoretical methods, research and industrial practices and covers: components, physics of failure, equipment and systems, communications, aerospace, automotive, railways, shipboard equipment, control engineering and consumer products.

Issues (2011): 27:1, 27:2, 27:3, 27:4

 Scandinavian Journal of Statistics

Scandinavian Journal of Statistics  

Published on behalf of The Danish Society for Theoretical Statistics, The Finnish Statistical Society, The Norwegian Statistical Society and The Swedish Statistical Society. The journal specialises in statistical modelling showing particular appreciation of the underlying substantive research problems.

Issues (2011): 38:1, 38:2




The 6 issues per year magazine of The Royal Statistical Society and the American Statistical Association is for anyone interested in statistics and the analysis and interpretation of data. Its aim is to communicate and demonstrate, in an entertaining and thought-provoking way, the practical use of statistics in all walks of life and to show how statistics benefit society.

Issues (2011): 8:1, 8:2

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Stat - JUST LAUNCHED - Complimentary Online Access until December 2013

The ISI’s Journal for the Rapid Dissemination of Statistics Research. The new online only, rapid communication research journal publishing short articles of the highest quality, from all areas of statistics and interdisciplinary areas.

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 Statistical Analysis and Data Mining

Statistical Analysis and Data Mining - NEW

Addresses the broad area of data analysis, including data mining algorithms, statistical approaches, and practical applications. Topics include problems involving massive and complex datasets, solutions utilizing innovative data mining algorithms and/or novel statistical approaches, and the objective evaluation of analyses and solutions.

Issues (2011): 4:1, 4:2, 4:3


 Statistica Neerlandica

Statistica Neerlandica

Journal of The Netherlands Society for Statistics and Operations Research. It publishes research and expository material about new developments in probability, statistics and operations research, and their applications in medical, agricultural, econometric, physical or social sciences and industry, commerce and government.

Issues (2011): 65:1, 65:2


 Statistics in Medicine

Statistics in Medicine - Impact Factor of 2.044, No.11 in Statistics and Probability category*    

The leading journal in the field of biostatistics. It provides a forum for communication between statisticians, clinicians and medical researchers with the common purpose of advancing knowledge and understanding of quantitative aspects of medicine.

Issues (2011): 30:1, 30:2, 30:3, 30:4, 30:5, 30:6, 30:7, 30:8, 30:9, 30:10, 30:11, 30:12, 30:13, 30:14


 Teaching Statistics

Teaching Statistics 

Published on behalf of The Teaching Statistics Trust, it is aimed at teachers of students aged 9 to 19 who use statistics in their work. The journal seeks to support not only specialist statistics teachers but also those in other disciplines, such as mathematics, economics, business studies geography and the sciences, who make widespread use of statistics in their teaching.

Issues (2011): 33:1, 33:2


 WIREs Computational Statistics

WIREs Computational Statistics - NEW

Promotes cross-disciplinary discussion on a broad array of computational and statistical techniques. It also addresses key topics from the diverse perspective of traditional statistics and modern computation and serves as an encyclopedic reference for computational statistics.

Issues (2011): 3:1, 3:2, 3:3

 WIREs - Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery

WIREs - Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery - NEW 

WIREs Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery is an authoritative encyclopaedic resource addressing key topics from diverse research perspectives on the science and practical applications of DMKD. The journal captures key topics from the differing perspectives of DMDK, including a variety of application areas in technology, business, healthcare, education, government and society and culture.

Issues (2011): 1:1, 1:2, 1:3

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