Statistics Papers from Brazil

Statistics Papers from Brazil 
 Statistics Journals
Applied Stochastic Models in Business and Industry 

Asymmetric extreme interdependence in emerging equity markets
Beatriz Vaz de Melo Mendes  

Revisiting distributed lag models through a Bayesian perspective
Romy R. Ravines, Alexandra M. Schmidt, et al.

Australian and New Zealand Journal of Statistics  

An empirical Bayes inference for the von Mises distribution
Josemar Rodrigues, José Galvão Leite, et al.  

Analysis of circular longitudinal data based on generalized estimating equations
 Rinaldo Artes, Gilberto A. Paula, et al.

Biometrical Journal

Parametric and nonparametric analyses of repeated ordinal categorical data
Julio M. Singer, Frederico Z. Poleto, et al.  

Residual analysis for linear mixed models
Juvêncio Santos Nobre, Julio da Motta Singer


Bayesian meta-analysis for longitudinal data models using multivariate mixture priors
Hedibert Freitas Lopes, Peter Müller, et al.

A nonparametric Bayesian modeling approach for cytogenetic dosimetry
Athanasios Kottas, Márcia D. Branco, et al.


The polarimetric G distribution for SAR data analysis
Corina C. Freitas, Alejandro C. Frery, et al.  

Generalized Birnbaum-Saunders distributions applied to air pollutant concentration
Víctor Leiva, Michelli Barros, et al.

International Statistical Review

Much ado about nothing: the mixed models controversy revisited
Viviana B. Lencina, Julio M. Singer, et al.  

Comparison of sampling schemes for dynamic linear models
Edna A. Reis, Esther Salazar, et al.

Journal of Chemometrics  

Sorting variables by using informative vectors as a strategy for feature selection in multivariate regression
Reinaldo F. Teófilo, João Paulo A. Martins, et al.  

Characterization of Portland cements by X-ray spectrometry allied to chemometrics
Karen Goraieb, Aline Soriano Lopes, et al.

Journal of the Royal Statistical Society - Series A: Statistics in Society

The zero-inflated Poisson model and the decayed, missing and filled teeth index in dental epidemiology 
D. Böhning, E. Dietz, et al.  

Robust automatic methods for outlier and error detection
Ray Chambers, Adão Hentges, et al.

Journal of the Royal Statistical Society - Series B: Statistical Methodology

Detecting dependence between marks and locations of marked point processes
Martin Schlather, Paulo J. Ribeiro Jr, et al.  

Bayesian inference for non-stationary spatial covariance structure via spatial deformations
Alexandra M. Schmidt, Anthony O'Hagan

Journal of the Royal Statistical Society - Series C: Applied Statistics

Modelling species diversity through species level hierarchical modelling
Alan E. Gelfand, Alexandra M. Schmidt, et al.

Correlating two continuous variables subject to detection limits in the context of mixture distributions
Haitao Chu, Lawrence H. Moulton, et al.

Journal of Time Series Analysis

Diagnostic checking in a flexible nonlinear time series model
Marcelo C. Medeiros, Alvaro Veiga  

Bayesian model uncertainty in smooth transition autoregressions
Hedibert F. Lopes, Esther Salazar


A hybrid genetic algorithm for the weight setting problem in OSPF/IS-IS routing
L.S. Buriol, M.G.C. Resende, et al.  

A GRASP with path-relinking for private virtual circuit routing
Mauricio G. C. Resende, Celso C. Ribeiro

Naval Research Logistics

H. W. Block, W. S. Borges, et al. 

Using multiple searchers in constrained-path, moving-target search problems
Robert F. Dell, James N. Eagle, et al.

Pharmaceutical Statistics

Comparison of sample size formulae for 2 x 2 cross-over designs applied to bioequivalence studies
Arminda Lucia Siqueira, Anne Whitehead, et al.

Quality and Reliability Engineering International

An adaptive chart for monitoring the process mean and variance
Antonio F. B. Costa, Maysa S. De Magalhães  

Joint (X)over-bar and R charts with two-stage samplings
Antonio F. B. Costa, M. A. Rahim

Scandinavian Journal of Statistics

Adaptive Proposal Construction for Reversible Jump MCMC
Ricardo S. Ehlers, Stephen P. Brooks  

Dynamic analysis of recurrent event data with missing observations, with application to infant diarrhoea in Brazil
Ørnulf Borgan, Rosemeire L. Fiaccona, et al. .

Statistica Neerlandica

Three corrected score tests for generalized linear models with dispersion covariates
Gauss M. Cordeiro, Denise A. Botter, et al.  

Diagnostic tools in beta regression with varying dispersion
Silvia L. P. Ferrari, Patricia L. Espinheira, et al.

Statistical Analysis and Data Mining

Relative clustering validity criteria: A comparative overview
Lucas Vendramin, Ricardo J. G. B. Campello, et al.

A hybrid data mining metaheuristic for the p-median problem
Alexandre Plastino, Richard Fuchshuber, et al.

Statistics in Medicine

An elliptic spatial scan statistic
Martin Kulldorff, Lan Huang et al.  

Fast detection of arbitrarily shaped disease clusters
R. Assunção, M. Costa, et al.

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