Statistics Papers from China

Statistics Papers from China 
 Statistics Journals
Applied Stochastic Models in Business and Industry

Some stochastic comparisons of conditional coherent systems
Xiaohu Li, Zhengcheng Zhang  

Aging properties of the residual life length of k-out-of-n systems with independent but non-identical components
Xiaohu Li, Jing Chen

Australian and New Zealand Journal of Statistics

On the convergence of moving average processes under dependent conditions
Jong-Il Baek, Tae-Sung Kim et al.

Weighted sums of negatively associated random variables
Han-Ying Liang†, Jong-Il Baek

Biometrical Journal

A new quantitative method for analysing unreplicated factorial designs
Ying Chen, Joachim Kunert

Zero-inflated negative binomial mixed regression modeling of over-dispersed count data with extra zeros
Kelvin K. W. Yau, Kui Wang, et al.


Functional mapping of quantitative trait loci underlying growth trajectories using a transform-both-sides logistic model
Rongling Wu, Chang-Xing Ma, et al

Maximum likelihood analysis of a general latent variable model with hierarchically mixed data
Sik-Yum Lee, Xin-Yuan Song


Comparative spatiotemporal analysis of fine particulate matter pollution
W. Pang, G. Christakos, et al.

Prior elicitation for mixed quantile regression with an allometric model
Rahim Alhamzawi,  Keming Yu, et al.

International Statistical Review  

Some decompositions of OLSEs and BLUEs under a partitioned linear model
Yongge Tian

Estimating urbanization levels in Chinese provinces in 1982-2000
Jianfa Shen

Journal of Chemometrics

Monte Carlo cross-validation for selecting a model and estimating the prediction error in multivariate calibration
Qing-Song Xu, Yi-Zeng Liang, et al.

Alternating penalty trilinear decomposition algorithm for second-order calibration with application to interference-free analysis of excitation-emission matrix fluorescence data
A-Lin Xia, Hai-Long Wu, et al.

Journal of the Royal Statistical Society - Series A: Statistics in Society

A comparison study of realtime fatality rates: severe acute respiratory syndrome in Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Toronto and Beijing, China
Paul S. F. Yip, K. F. Lam, et al.

On square ordinal contingency tables: a comparison of social class and income mobility for the same individuals
D. R. Cox, Michelle Jackson, Shiwei Lu

Journal of the Royal Statistical Society - Series B: Statistical Methodology
An adaptive estimation of dimension reduction space
Yingcun Xia, Howell Tong, et al.

Empirical likelihood confidence regions in a partially linear single-index model
Lixing Zhu, Liugen Xue

Journal of the Royal Statistical Society - Series C: Applied Statistics
Best subset selection of autoregressive models with exogenous variables and generalized autoregressive conditional heteroscedasticity errors
Mike K. P. So, Cathy W. S. Chen,

Tests for a simple tree order restriction with application to dose-response studies
Shyamal D. Peddada, Joseph K. Haseman, et al.

Journal of Time Series Analysis
Break detection for a class of nonlinear time series models
Richard A. Davis, Thomas C. M. Lee, Gabriel A. Rodriguez-Yam

On a mixture GARCH time-series model
Zhiqiang Zhang, Wai Keung Li, et al.


The load-distance balancing problem
Edward Bortnikov, Samir Khuller,  Jian Li, Yishay Mansour, Joseph Seffi Naor

On a stochastic bilevel programming problem
Stefanie Kosuch, Pierre Le Bodic,  Janny Leung, Abdel Lisser

Naval Research Logistics
Crane scheduling with spatial constraints
Andrew Lim, Brian Rodrigues

Scheduling jobs with piecewise linear decreasing processing times
T.C. Edwin Cheng, Qing Ding, et al.

Pharmaceutical Statistics

An MSE-reduced estimator for the response proportion in a two-stage clinical trial
Qizhai Li

Statistical inference of risk difference in K correlated 2 x 2 tables with structural zero
Shun-Fang Wang, Nian-Sheng Tang, et al.

Quality and Reliability Engineering International

A bibliography of process capability papers
Fred Spiring, Bartholomew Leung, et al.

Using profile monitoring techniques for a data-rich environment with huge sample size
Kaibo Wang, Fugee Tsung

Scandinavian Journal of Statistics

Empirical likelihood-based inference in linear models with missing data
Qihua Wang, J. N. K. Rao

Model checks for generalized linear models
Winfried Stute, Li-Xing Zhu

 Statistica Neerlandica

Disruption management in flight gate scheduling
Ulrich Dorndorf, Florian Jaehn, Chen Lin, Hui Ma, Erwin Pesch

An exact non-iterative sampling procedure for discrete missing data problems
Guo-Liang Tian, Ming Tan, et al.

Statistical Analysis and Data Mining

Bayesian cluster ensembles
Hongjun Wang, Hanhuai Shan, et al.

A. Discriminative frequent subgraph mining with optimality guarantees
Marisa Thoma, Hong Cheng, et al.

Statistics in Medicine

Estimation of magnitude in gene-environment interactions in the presence of measurement error
M. Y. Wong, N. E. Day, et al.

Meta-analysis of continuous outcomes combining individual patient data and aggregate data
Richard D. Riley, Paul C. Lambert, Jan A. Staessen, Jiguang Wang et al.

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