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Applied Stochastic Models in Business and Industry

Slope rotatability over all directions with correlated errors
Rabindra Nath Das, Sung H. Park  

Optimal harvesting policies for a generalized Gordon-Schaefer model in randomly varying environment
M. A. Shah, Usha Sharma

Austrialian and New Zealand Journal of Statistics

A randomized longitudinal play-the-winner design for repeated binary data
Atanu Biswas, Anup Dewanj  

Theory & Methods: An optimal multivariate stratified sampling design using dynamic programming
M.G.M. Khan, E.A. Khan, et al.

Biometrical Journal

Optimal response-adaptive designs for continuous responses in phase III trials
Atanu Biswas, Rahul Bhattachary, et al.  

Inference for a RPW-type clinical trial with repeated monitoring for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis
Atanu Biswas, Anup Dewanji


Bayesian adaptive biased-coin designs for clinical trials with normal responses
Anthony C. Atkinson, Atanu Biswas  

Estimation of competing risks with general missing pattern in failure types
Anup Dewanji, Debasis Sengupta


Size distributions of suspended particles in open channel flow over bed materials  
B. S. Mazumder, R. N. Ray, et al.

The role of environmental stochasticity in a toxic phytoplankton-non-toxic phytoplankton-zooplankton system
R. R. Sarkar, J. Chattopadhayay

International Statistical Review

Basic Process Capability Indices: An Expository Review
Mohammed Z. Anis

On tests for a normal mean with known coefficient of variation
Kavitha Bhat, K. Aruna Rao

Journal of Chemometrics

On further application of r(m)(2) as a metric for validation of QSAR models
Indrani Mitra, Partha Pratim Roy, et al.  

Quantitative structure-activity relationship (QSAR) of artemisinin: the development of predictive in vivo antimalarial activity models
Mani Srivastava, Harvinder Singh, et al.

Journal of the Royal Statistical Society - Series A: Statistics in Society

A stochastic model for assessing Chlamydia trachomatis transmission risk by using longitudinal observational data
Wanzhu Tu, Pulak Ghosh, et al.    

Modelling member behaviour in on-line user-generated content sites: a semiparametric Bayesian approach
Young-Hoon Park, Chang Hee Park, Pulak Ghosh

Journal of Times Series Analysis

Estimating the arch parameters by solving linear equations
Arup Bose, Kanchan Mukherjee  

Bootstrapping a weighted linear estimator of the ARCH parameters
Arup Bose, Kanchan Mukherjee


Augmented cubes
S. A. Choudum, V. Sunitha  

Complete binary trees in folded and enhanced cubes
S.A. Choudum, R. Usha Nandini

Naval Research Logistics

The importance of decoupling recurrent and disruption risks in a supply chain
Sunil Chopra, Gilles Reinhardt, et al.  

On the application and extension of system signatures in engineering reliability
Jorge Navarro, Francisco J. Samaniego, N. Balakrishnan, Debasis Bhattacharya

Quality and Reliability Engineering International

Ant algorithm for single and multiobjective reliability optimization problems
Prakash S. Shelokar, V. K. Jayaraman

Generalized confidence intervals for process capability indices
Thomas Mathew, G. Sebastian, K. M. Kurian

Scandinavian Journal of Statistics

On maximum depth and related classifiers
Anil K. Ghosh, Probal Chaudhuri

On testing dependence between time to failure and cause of failure via conditional probabilities
Isha Dewan, J. V. Deshpande, S. B. Kulathinal

Statistica Neerlandica

Determination of discrete spectrum in a random field
Debasis Kundu, Swagata Nandi

 A Bayesian adaptive design in clinical trials for continuous responses
 Atanu Biswas, Jean–François Angers

Statistical Analysis and Data Mining

Unsupervised segmentation of conversational transcripts
Krishna Kummamuru, Deepak Padmanabhan, et al.  

How multi-objective genetic algorithms handle lack of data, sparse data and excess data: Evaluation of some recent case studies in the materials domain
N. Chakraborti

Statistics in Medicine

Comparing smoothing techniques in Cox models for exposure-response relationships
Usha S. Govindarajulu, Donna Spiegelman et al.  

Adaptive biased-coin designs for skewing the allocation proportion in clinical trials with normal responses
A. C. Atkinson, A. Biswas

Teaching Statistics

A result concerning runs when tossing a fair coin
A.S. Gabhe, K.S. Bhanu, et al.

WIREs Computational Statistics

Response surface methodology
André I. Khuri, Siuli Mukhopadhyay

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