Statistics papers written by Chinese contributors

Statistics papers written by Chinese contributors

Statistics Papers from China 
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Applied Stochastic Models in Business and Industry

Asymptotics for the ruin probabilities of a two-dimensional renewal risk model with heavy-tailed claims
Yiqing Chen, Kam C. Yuen, Kai W. Ng 

Analysis of the multiple roots of the Lundberg fundamental equation in the PH (n) risk model
Lanpeng Ji, Chunsheng Zhan

Australian and New Zealand Journal of Statistics

Dual-objective optimal mixture designs
Chongqi Zhang, Wengkee Wong, Heng Peng 

Empirical Likelihood for Compound Poisson Processes
Zhouping Li, Xiping Wang, Wang Zho

Biometrical Journal

Homogeneity test of rate ratios in stratified matched-pair studies
Hui-Qiong Li, Nian-Sheng Tang 

Nonparametric confidence intervals for the ratio of marginal hazard rates of paired survival times
Huan Jin, Naiqing Zhao, Dongsheng T


Nonparametric Comparison for Panel Count Data with Unequal Observation Processes
Xingqiu Zhao, Jianguo Sun 

Dose–Response Curve Estimation: A Semiparametric Mixture Approach
Ying Yuan, Guosheng Yi


Prior elicitation for mixed quantile regression with an allometric model
Rahim Alhamzawi, Keming Yu, Veronica Vinciotti, Allan Tucker 

Comparative spatiotemporal analysis of fine particulate matter pollution
W. Pang, G. Christakos, et al.

International Statistical Review  

Properties of Census Dual System Population Size Estimators
Song Xi Chen, Cheng Yong Tang 

A Review on Dimension Reduction
Yanyuan Ma, Liping Zh

Journal of Chemometrics

Fluorescence spectroscopic determination of triglyceride in human serum with window genetic algorithm partial least squares
Xiangzhen Kong, Weihua Zhu, Zhimin Zhao, Xiangyan Li, Hui Wang, Ran Chen, Chuchu Chen, Feng Zhu, Xiaoying Guo 

Computer-aided prediction of toxicity with substructure pattern and random forest
Dong-Sheng Cao, Yan-Ning Yang, Jian-Chao Zhao, Jun Yan, Shao Liu, Qian-Nan Hu, Qing-Song Xu, Yi-Zend Lian

Journal of the Royal Statistical Society - Series A: Statistics in Society

Measuring inequality using censored data: a multiple-imputation approach to estimation and inference
Stephen P. Jenkins, Richard V. Burkhauser, Shuaizhang Feng, Jeff Larrimore 

Evaluating continuous training programmes by using the generalized propensity score
Jochen Kluve, Hilmar Schneider, Arne Uhlendorff, Zhong Zha

Journal of the Royal Statistical Society - Series B: Statistical Methodology

Inference on the primary parameter of interest with the aid of dimension reduction estimation
Lexin Li, Liping Zhu, Lixing Zhu 

Variance estimation using refitted cross-validation in ultrahigh dimensional regression
Jianqing Fan, Shaojun Guo, Ning Ha

Journal of the Royal Statistical Society - Series C: Applied Statistics

A partially linear regression model for data from an outcome-dependent sampling design
Haibo Zhou, Jinhong You, Guoyou Qin, Matthew P. Longnecker 

Phase II trial design with Bayesian adaptive randomization and predictive probability
Guosheng Yin, Nan Chen, J. Jack Le

Journal of Time Series Analysis

Break detection for a class of nonlinear time series models
Richard A. Davis, Thomas C. M. Lee, Gabriel A. Rodriguez-Yam

On a mixture GARCH time-series model
Zhiqiang Zhang, Wai Keung Li, et al.


Single-vehicle scheduling problems with release and service times on a line
Wei Yu, Zhaohui Liu 

The load-distance balancing problem
Edward Bortnikov, Samir Khuller, Jian Li, Yishay Mansour, Joseph Seffi Nao

Naval Research Logistics

Newsvendor problems with sequentially revealed demand information
Jing-Sheng Song, Paul H. Zipkin 

Service design at diagnostic service centers
Xiaofang Wang, Laurens G. Debo, Alan Scheller-Wolf, Stephen F. Smith

Pharmaceutical Statistics

Analysis of dose–response in flexible dose titration clinical studies
Xu (Steven) Xu, Min Yuan, Partha Nandy 

An MSE-reduced estimator for the response proportion in a two-stage clinical trial
Qizhai L

Quality and Reliability Engineering International

Multiple Attribute Control Charts with False Discovery Rate Control
Yanting Li, Fugee Tsung 

Evaluating Intrusion-Tolerant Certification Authority Systems
Jingqiang Lin, Jiwu Jing, Peng Li

Scandinavian Journal of Statistics

Regression Analysis of Longitudinal Data with Time-Dependent Covariates and Informative Observation Times
Xinyuan Song, Xiaoyun Mu, Liuquan Sun 

On the Local Polynomial Estimators of the Counting Process Intensity Function and its Derivatives
Feng Chen, Paul S. F. Yip, K. F. La

Statistica Neerlandica

Diagnostics analysis for log-Birnbaum–Saunders regression models with censored data
Hao Qu, Feng-Chang Xie 

Partially varying coefficient instrumental variables models
Zongwu Cai, Huaiyu Xion

Statistical Analysis and Data Mining

Bayesian cluster ensembles
Hongjun Wang, Hanhuai Shan, et al.

A. Discriminative frequent subgraph mining with optimality guarantees
Marisa Thoma, Hong Cheng, et al.

Statistics in Medicine

Extended quasi-likelihood with fractional polynomials in the frame of the accelerated failure time model
Lili Yu, Ruifeng Yu, Liang Liu, Ding-Geng Chen 

Extension of three-arm non-inferiority studies to trials with multiple new treatments
Koon Shing Kwong, Siu Hung Cheung, Anthony J. Hayter, Miin-Jye Wen