Urban Studies

Building the 21st Century City: A Collection of FREE Articles

Building the 21st Century City: A Collection of FREE Articles

Reassembling the State in Urban China 中国城市治理空间的重构
Jiang Xu 徐江 and James Jixian Wang 王缉宪
Asia Pacific Viewpoint

Testing a Global City Hypothesis: An Assessment of Polarization across US Cities
Michael Timberlake, Matthew R. Sanderson, Xiulian Ma, Ben Derudder, Jessica Winitzky, Frank Witlox
City & Community

Learning in Place: Immigrants' Spatial and Temporal Strategies for Occupational Advancement
Natasha Iskander, Christine Riordan and Nichola Lowe
Economic Geography

A New Bronx Tale: Gateway Center and Modern Urban Redevelopment
Lorraine E. Rolston
FOCUS on Geography

Geographies of Urban Politics: Pathways, Intersections, Interventions
Pauline McGuirk
Geographical Research

Calcutta's Hand–Pulled Rickshaws: Cultural Politics and Place Making in A Globalizing City
Shireen Hyrapiet and Alyson L. Greiner
Geographical Review

Cosmopolitan Communities of Climate Risk: Conceptual and Empirical Suggestions for A New Research Agenda
Ulrich Beck, Anders Blok, David Tyfield, Joy Yueyue Zhang
Global Networks

The Source of Metropolitan Growth: The Role of Commuting
Shu-Hen Chiang
Growth and Change

Cities in a World of Cities: The Comparative Gesture
Jennifer Robinson
International Journal of Urban and Regional Research

New Worlds’ for ‘Old’? Twenty-First-Century Gateways and Corridors: Reflections on a European Spatial Perspective
Kathy Pain
International Journal of Urban and Regional Research

Optimal Housing Cost Estimates for 177 U.S. Metropolitan Areas
Todd Easton
Journal of Regional Science

Corporately Sponsored Redevelopment Campaigns and the Demographic Stability of Urban Neighborhoods: St. Louis Re-Revisited
Daniel J. Monti, Jr. and Daniel Burghoff
Journal of Urban Affairs

Restless Urban Landscapes in China: A Case Study of Three Projects in Shanghai
Jie Shen and Fulong Wu
Journal of Urban Affairs

Effects of Sex Premises on Neighbourhoods: Residents, Local Planning and the Geographies of a Controversial Land Use
Jason Prior and Penny Crofts
New Zealand Geographer

Infrastructure and Regional Growth in the European Union
Riccardo Crescenzi and Andrés Rodríguez-Pose
Papers in Regional Science

The Impact of Urban Growth On Commuting Patterns in A Restructuring City: Evidence from Beijing
Pengjun Zhao, Bin Lu and Gert de Roo
Papers in Regional Science

Does Government Investment in Local Public Goods Spur Gentrification? Evidence from Beijing
Siqi Zheng, Matthew E. Kahn
Real Estate Economics

Does Local Technological Innovation Lead to Local Development? A Policy Perspective
Richard Shearmur and Nicolas Bonnet
Regional Science Policy & Practice

Facing Globalization and Increased Trade: Catalonia's Evolution from Industrial Region to Knowledge and Creative Economy
Rafael Boix
Regional Science Policy & Practice

Special Issue: Demographic Change and Housing Markets
Scottish Journal of Political Economy

Special Section on “Fragmentation, Conflict and Hope in the Neoliberal City: Urban Space in Latin America and the Caribbean”
Singapore Journal of Tropical Geography