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Most Read Articles

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Antipode City & Community Geographical Research Growth and Change 
International Journal of Urban and Regional Research Journal of Regional Science Journal of Urban Affairs Papers in Regional Science 
Real Estate EconomicsRegional Science Policy and Practice Review of Urban & Regional Development Studies  

Follow the Thing: Papaya
Ian Cook

City & Community
Cities and the Creative Class
Richard Florida

Geographical Research
The Challenge of Change: Australian Cities and Urban Planning in the New Millennium
Clive Forster

Growth and Change
Evaluating the Importance of Business Location Factors: The Influence of Facility Type
Shelley M. Kimelberg, Elizabeth Williams

International Journal of Urban and Regional Research
Struggling with the Creative Class
Jamie Peck

Journal of Regional Science
The Magnitude and Causes of Agglomeration Economies
Diego Puga

Journal of Urban Affairs
Social and Ethnic Segregation in Europe: Levels, Causes, and Effects
Sako Musterd

Papers in Regional Science
The new economic geography: Past, present and the future
Masahisa Fujita and Paul Krugman

Real Estate Economics
Green Noise or Green Value? Measuring the Effects of Environmental Certification on Office Values
Franz Fuerst, Patrick McAllister

Regional Science Policy and Practice
Economics of global warming as a global public good: Private incentives and smart adaptations
S. Niggol Seo

Review of Urban & Regional Development Studies
Globalization and Stages of Development: An Exploratory Analysis
Rashmi Umesh Arora