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New Journals for 2013

Sexual Medicine Reviews

NEW: Sexual Medicine Reviews is an official publication of the International Society for Sexual Medicine, commissioning thoughtful, systematic, and evidence-based reviews of the highest caliber on topics in sexual medicine, by authors who have deep experience and expertise in the area that they are reporting on. On a quarterly basis, the journal synthesizes clinical and translational research in the global field of sexual function and dysfunction in order to distill for the widest possible audience of healthcare practitioners the best available evidence in the field, with an emphasis on promoting knowledge translation in sexual health.

New Sexual Medicine Open Access JournalSexual Medicine is an official publication of the International Society for Sexual Medicine, and serves the field as the peer-reviewed, open access journal for rapid dissemination of multidisciplinary clinical and basic research in all areas of global sexual medicine, and particularly acts as a venue for topics of regional or sub-specialty interest.

To find out more about Sexual Medicine visit the Journal homepage.

New Andrology Journal

Andrology the new merged journal of the American Society of Andrology and the European Academy of Andrology, incorporating Journal of Andrology and International Journal of Andrology. The first issue of Andrology has been published, dated January 2013.

Andrology is open to submissions, click here to submit a paper today.

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Key Books

Top Tips in UrologyThe second edition of Top Tips in Urology provides highly clinical tips and rapid-reference "tricks of the trade" to the most common questions and problems that arise for both the practicing urologist and the urologic surgeon. Covering each of the major areas of urology and with contributions for experience practicing urologists and surgeons, this book is a unique book containing valuable information for all urologists dealing with patients on a day to day basis.

Smith's Textbook Smith's Textbook of Endourology
3rd Edition Arthur D. Smith, MD (Editor-in-Chief)
Glenn Preminger (Section Editor), Gopal Badlani (Section Editor), Louis Kavoussi (Section Editor)

Smith's Textbook of Endourology is the definitive reference book in the field, addressing every aspect of endourologic procedure including methods of access, operative techniques, complications, and postoperative care.

Now in full-color, the third edition contains 800 extra pages, culminating in an 1800 page, two-volume textbook reflecting the most current advances in endourology. A supplemental DVD includes over 100 high-quality surgical videos allowing you to see endourology in practice.

For more information about this book click here.

Gundeti Cover 2011Pediatric Robotic and Reconstructive Urology: A Comprehensive Guide
Mohan S. Gundeti (Editor)

Announcing one of the most significant urological developments in recent years

Pediatric Robotic and Reconstructive Urology: A Comprehensive Guide provides specialist and trainees with an innovative text and video guide to this dynamic area, in order to aid mastery of robotic approaches and improve the care of pediatric patients.

For more information about this book click here.

Focal TherapyFocal Therapy in Prostate Cancer
Editors - Hashim Uddin Ahmed, Manit Arya, Peter R. Carroll, Mark Emberton

There is no other book available on this exciting and cutting edge therapy for treating prostate cancer. With expert guidance from leading names in North America and Europe, this is the perfect guide for all urologists and oncologists who will be using this technique.

For more information click here.

Evidence-Based Urology coverEvidence-Based Urology
Edited by Philipp Dahm and Roger Dmochowski

Announcing the First Genuinely Evidence-Based Text in Urology

This authoritative evidence-based textbook of urology provides solid evidence for practitioners to make their decisions on management of individual patients - a requirement that is becoming standard throughout clinical practice. The book shows how to use evidence-based practice in the individual clinical situation.

For more information about this book click here.

Hormonal TherpayHormonal Therapy for Male Sexual Dysfunction

Hormonal therapy offers a potentially powerful approach to the treatment of sexual disorders in men. However the interplay of different hormones within different bodily systems is carefully balanced; judicious judgement is required in the therapeutic use of hormones to minimize unwelcome side effects. A better understanding of how hormones work will help the physician to better tailor therapies for improved sexual responses in men. Hormonal Therapy for Male Sexual Dysfunction will provide the rationale for hormonal therapy in male sexual disorders, explaining the language of sexual endocrinology and its application in clinical practice.