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Virtual Issue in Xenobiotics

Virtual Issue in Xenobiotics

Discover below key journal articles published in the field of xenobiotics:

 Virtual Issue in Xenobiotics

Journal of Applied Toxicology
Biomarkers as biological indicators of xenobiotic exposure
Fernando Gil and Antonio Pla

Phytochemical Analysis
Methods for the analysis of cannabinoids in biological materials: a review
Tri J. Raharjo and Robert Verpoorte

Screening for oestrogenic activity of plant and food extracts using in vitro trout hepatocyte cultures
C. Bennetau-Pelissero, K. Gontier Latonnelle, V. Lamothe et al

Journal of Molecular Recognition
Prediction of amino acid residues participated in substrate recognition by cytochrome P450 subfamilies with broad substrate specificity
Maria S. Zharkova, Boris N. Sobolev, Nina Yu. Oparina et al

Diuretic drug binding to human glutathione transferase P1-1: potential role of Cys-101 revealed in the double mutant C47S/Y108V
Indalecio Quesada-Soriano, Lorien J. Parker, Alessandra Primavera et al

Journal of Labelled Compounds and Radiopharmaceutical
Radiochemistry devoted to the production of monoamine oxidase (MAO-A and MAO-B) ligands for brain imaging with positron emission tomography
Ken Kersemans, Nick Van Laeken and Filip De Vos

Journal of Peptide Science
Max Bergmann lecture Protein epitope mimetics in the age of structural vaccinology
John A. Robinson

Journal of Biochemical and Molecular Toxicology
Fetal Liver Bisphenol A concentrations and Biotransformation Gene Expression Reveal Variable Exposure and Altered Capacity for Metabolism in Humans
MS Nahar, C Liao, K Kannon, DC Dolijnay

Journal of Basic Microbiology
Bacterial diversity and real-time PCR based assessment of linA and linB gene distribution at hexachlorocyclohexane contaminated sites
Devi Lal, Swati Jindal, Hansi Kumari et al

Journal of Separation Science
Usefulness of the chaotropic effect in sample preparation for chromatographic analysis of acidic xenobiotics in human plasma
Jolanta Flieger and Anna Czajkowska-Żelazko

Integrative analysis of proteomic and transcriptomic data for identification of pathways related to simvastatin-induced hepatotoxicity
Young-Eun Cho, Pyong-Gon Moon, Jeong-Eun Lee et al

Engineering in Life Sciences
Microbial degradation of phenol and phenolic derivatives
Albert Krastanov, Zlatka Alexieva and Husein Yemendzhiev

Magnetic Resonance in Chemistry
Fluorine–proton correlation from isolated trifluoromethyl groups using unresolved J-couplings
Peter W. A. Howe

NMR in Biomedicine
Combined use of filtered and edited 1H NMR spectroscopy to detect 13C-enriched compounds in complex mixtures
P. W. A. Howe, Z. Ament, K. Knowles, J. L. Griffin and J. Wright

Influence of Glucuronidation and Reduction Modifications of Resveratrol on its Biological Activities
D.-L. Lu, D.-J. Ding, W.-J. Yan et al

Biosynthetic Origin of the Antibiotic Cyclocarbamate Brabantamide A (SB-253514) in Plant-Associated Pseudomonas
Dr. Yvonne Schmidt, Dr. Menno van der Voort, Dr. Max Crüsemann et al

Predicting Drug Metabolism by Cytochrome P450 2C9: Comparison with the 2D6 and 3A4
Isoforms P. Rydberg, L. Olsen

Molecular Informatics
An In Silico Classification Model for Putative ABCC2 Substrates
Marta Pinto, Michael Trauner and Gerhard F. Ecker

Phytotherapy Research
Glycyrrhetinic Acid Exhibits Strong Inhibitory Effects Towards UDP-Glucuronosyltransferase (UGT) 1A3 and 2B7
Yin-Peng Huang, Yun-Feng Cao, Zhong-Ze Fang et al

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