Clinical Psychology

Impact Factor Rankings

Impact Factor Rankings

The following is a list of our journals ISI-ranked in Clinical Psychology. Please click on the journal title for more information and a free sample issue.

Behavioral Interventions
Impact Factor: 0.718
Ranking: 97/119 Psychology, Clinical

British Journal of Clinical Psychology
Impact Factor: 2.279
Ranking: 38/119 Psychology, Clinical

British Journal of Health Psychology
Impact Factor: 2.776
Ranking: 24/119 Psychology, Clinical

Child and Adolescent Mental Health
Impact Factor: 1.441
Ranking: 63/119 Pediatrics; 73/119 Psychology, Clinical; 75/133 Psychiatry, Social Science; 93/140 Psychiatry

Clinical Psychologist
Impact Factor: 0.933
60/76 Psychology; 89/119 Psychology, Clinical

Clinical Psychology & Psychotherapy
Impact Factor: 2.632
Ranking: 29/119 Psychology, Clinical

Clinical Psychology: Science and Practice
Impact Factor: 1.6
Ranking: 64/119 Psychology, Clinical

Depression and Anxiety
Impact Factor: 4.407
Ranking: 9/119 Psychology, Clinical; 10/76 Psychology; 15/133 Psychiatry,Social Science; 23/140 Psychiatry

European Eating Disorders Review
Impact Factor: 2.461
Ranking: 33/119 Psychology, Clinical

Family Process
Impact Factor: 3.0
Ranking: 1/40 Family Studies; 21/119 Psychology, Clinical

International Journal of Eating Disorders
Impact Factor: 3.126
Ranking:19/119 Psychology, Clinical; 20/76 Psychology; 24/77 Nutrition & Dietetics; 32/133 Psychiatry, Social Science; 48/140 Psychiatry

Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis
Impact Factor: 1.088
Ranking: 83/119 Psychology, Clinical

Journal of Clinical Psychology
Impact Factor: 2.019
Ranking: 43/119 Psychology, Clinical

Journal of Family Therapy
Impact Factor: 1.151
Ranking: 21/40 Family Studies; 81/119 Psychology, Clinical

Journal of Marital and Family Therapy
Impact Factor: 2.528
Ranking: 4/40 Family Studies; 32/119 Psychology, Clinical

Journal of Traumatic Stress
Impact Factor: 2.36
Ranking: 35/119 Psychology, Clinical; 43/133 Psychiatry, Social Science

Psychology and Psychotherapy: Theory, Research and Practice
Impact Factor: 1.441
Ranking: 52/76 Psychology; 73/119 Psychology, Clinical; 75/133 Psychiatry, Social Science; 93/140 Psychiatry