Psycho-Oncology is the official journal of the American Psychosocial Oncology Society and the British Psycho-Oncology Society concerned with the psychological, social, behavioral, and ethical aspects of cancer. This subspeciality addresses the two major psychological dimensions of cancer: the psychological responses of patients to cancer at all stages of the disease, and that of their families and caretakers; and the psychological, behavioral and social factors that may influence the disease process.

Systematic Reviews

From June 15th, 2021, registration of systematic reviews with PROSPERO is no longer a submission requirement for this journal.

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2023 (Volume 32)

May (Issue 5)

Breast cancer treatment disparities in patients with severe mental illness: A systematic review and meta-analysis
Steve Kisely

April (Issue 4)

Patient‐reported outcome measures for emotional functioning in cancer patients: Content comparison of the EORTC CAT Core, FACT‐G, HADS, SF‐36, PRO‐CTCAE, and PROMIS instruments
Maria Rothmund

March (Issue 3)

The impact of cancer on psychosocial function and quality of life: A cross‐sectional study in 18 pan‐European countries
Svetlana Bazilainsky

February (Issue 2)

Interventions promoting cognitive function in patients experiencing cancer related cognitive impairment: A systematic review
Laura Oldacres

January (Issue 1)

No EC article.

2022 (Volume 31)

December (Issue 12)

Who benefits from an eHealth‐based stress management intervention in advanced prostate cancer? Results from a randomized controlled trial
Roberto M. Benzo

November (Issue 11)
No EC article.

October (Issue 10)

Influence of depression on survival of colorectal cancer patients drawn from a large prospective cohort 
Esperanza Varela-Moreno

September (Issue 9)

Factors promoting breast, cervical and colorectal cancer screenings participation: A systematic review 
Federica Vallone

August (Issue 8)

A systematic review of the translation and validation methods used for the national comprehensive cancer network distress thermometer in non‐English speaking countries 
Jane A. McElroy

July (Issue 7)

Discerning critical stressors and resources in the lives of cancer patients: A multivariate analysis of targets of intervention for enhancing cancer care and quality of life 
Thomas V. Merluzzi

June (Issue 6)

The impact of cancer on the mental health of patients parenting minor children: A systematic review of quantitative evidence 
Lene Marie Joahannsen (Pages 869-878)

May (Issue 5)

Decreased mental health, quality of life, and utilization of professional help in cancer patients with unexpressed needs: A longitudinal analysis 
Verena Heß (Pages 725-734)

April (Issue 4)

The flourishing scholarship of psychosocial oncology viewed across 30 years through the lens of this journal, Psycho-Oncology 
David W. Kissane (Pages 559-561)

March (Issue 3)

Are mind–body therapies effective for relieving cancer-related pain in adults? A systematic review and meta-analysis 
Nadia Danon, Muaamar Al-Gobari, Bernard Burnand, Pierre-Yves Rodondi (Pages 345-371)

February (Issue 2)

Influential factors in Black and White breast cancer survivors' beliefs about breast cancer 
Megan C. Edmonds, Bassam Dahman, Kandace McGuire, Vanessa B. Sheppard (Pages 271-281)

January (Issue 1)

Responding to healthcare distrust among underserved communities: Phase II 
Monica Webb Hooper, Charlene Mitchell, Vanessa J. Marshall, Chesley Cheatham, Kristina Austin, Kimberly Sanders, Lena L. Grafton (Pages 3-8)

2021 (Volume 30)

December (Issue 12)
Disparities and inequalities in cancer care and outcomes in patients with severe mental illness: Call to action
Luigi Grassi, Michelle B. Riba (Pages 1997-2001)

November (Issue 11)
Evaluation of online, publicly available cancer-related educational and self-management resources for symptom management
Mara Boureanu, Lydia Ould Brahim, Dorothy Apedaile, Sydney Wasserman, Mona Magalhaes, Eric Belzile, Francesca Y. E. Frati, Sylvie Lambert (Pages 1884-1893)

October (Issue 10)
Cost-effectiveness analysis of telephone-based cognitive behaviour therapy compared to treatment as usual CBT for cancer patients: Evidence from a small, randomised controlled trial
Pedro Rodrigues, Maggie Watson, Charlotte White, Andrea Lynch, Kabir Mohammed, Gurdeep S. Sagoo (Pages 1691-1698)


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