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Preparing for the ‘next pandemic’: Why we need to escape from our silos

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Unpacking participation in healthcare governance: Lessons from two local health councils in Brazil and Spain

  •  19 February 2024


  • This study delves into the participatory integration of various actors in the governance of local health councils, revealing innovative trajectories of cross-sector collaboration that transcend traditional dynamics of health systems management.

  • Cross-sector collaboration processes enable the successful adaptation of socio-health networks, empowering health professionals, managers, policy-makers, and civil society to cope with complex contextual influences.

  • Participatory networks facilitate synergy among multiple stakeholders, democratising decision-making processes and enhancing healthcare services, patient outcomes, and population well-being.

  • Thanks to the international comparative approach of this research, global trends and local practices are interconnected, providing valuable insights for policy makers and managers in the search for effective strategies in the field of Global Health.

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Medical deserts in Spain—Insights from an international project

  •  15 February 2024


  • Existence of medical deserts have been a growing concern among many European countries.

  • In Spain they are mostly identified as rural, often isolated and/or depopulated areas.

  • Health care demand and supply characteristics define and influence medical deserts.

  • Mitigating medical deserts in Spain requires a comprehensive and multisectoral approach.

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Recent advances in the diagnosis and management of typhoid fever in Africa: A review


  • Typhoid fever remains a formidable challenge to several parts of the world, and its widespread is highly localised in the African continent.

  • Diagnosing typhoid fever in Africa is hindered by the resource and personnel limitations within the continent.

  • To restrain the spread of typhoid, there is a need to provide health education to the population regarding water and food safety and hygienic practices.

  • Typhoid fever vaccination serves as a control strategy for both endemic and epidemic areas.

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