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Plant Biotechnology Journal (PBJ) is an open access journal publishing high-impact original research and incisive reviews with an emphasis on molecular plant sciences and their applications through plant biotechnology. It is published by Wiley in collaboration with the Society for Experimental Biology (SEB) and the Association of Applied Biologists (AAB). PBJ's current Impact Factor is 13.8 and current CiteScore is 19.2.  

Introducing the Editor-in-Chief for Plant Biotechnology Journal (PBJ)
Johnathan Napier is PBJ's Editor-in-Chief. Johnathan has been an Editor on PBJ since 2014, first as an Associate Editor and then as a Senior Editor. 

Johnathan is a leading pioneer in plant biotechnology and an advocate for the power of GM plants to deliver for the public good. He has made key discoveries in understanding the biosynthesis of omega-3 long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids (aka, omega-3 fish oils). Johnathan is also a passionate advocate for both the science and the impact (more sustainable aquaculture, better human nutrition) of his GM omega-3 project, and engaged in many public and media activities. 

We are also pleased to introduce Shuangxia Jin as PBJ's Executive Editor. Jin has been an Associate Editor and a Senior Editor on PBJ since 2018. In addition, he has worked to increase PBJ's visibility and influence in China and has established the highly successful PBJ WeChat account.

Reasons to publish with Plant Biotechnology Journal

  • Dedicated reviewers and editors to ensure a high standard, rigorous peer review or your article.
  • High Impact Factor and currently ranks #3 among plant science journals publishing original research.  Plant Biotechnology Journal ranks first amongst open access plant science journals.
  • Broad dissemination with articles attracting high Altmetric scores.
  • Open Access: fully compliant with open access mandates, articles are published under Creative Commons license and authors are the copyright holder.
  • As an open access journal your research will be accessible globally without restriction. Our author centre provides promotional tools to help you maximise the impact of your article.


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