Criminal Behaviour and Mental Health is an interdisciplinary journal connecting criminology and psychiatry to explore all aspects of the relationship between mental state and crime. The journal explores factors that influence this relationship, and particularly welcomes studies about pathways into and out of crime, treatment studies, and studies evaluating the impact of interventions and services designed to increase the safety of the public, the perpetrators, and victims.


Call for Papers

Special Issue: Unhoused Individuals, Mental Disorders, and the Criminal Justice System

Criminal Behaviour and Mental Health invites submissions of articles on reporting original, meta-analytic research introducing effective approaches or review articles on interventions relevant to unhoused individuals with mental and/or substance use disorders. We also welcome articles that advocate public policy solutions or changes to current practices for individuals who are homeless with a serious mental illness. 

Deadline for Submissions: January 31st, 2024

To read the full call, including details on how to submit a manuscript, click here.


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