Featured Articles: Volume 62, Issue 4

During the family session, a therapist may experience strong emotions that are in tension with his/her therapeutic aspirations of empathic listening, authenticity, and hopefulness. There is need for some kind of emotion regulation to protect the alliance.

Peter Rober is Professor at the Institute for Family and Sexuality Studies (KU Leuven, Belgium). His research focus is on the psychotherapy process in family therapy, and on processes in couples and families (trauma, grief, secrecy, …).

This clinically based article explores the evolution of a therapist's stance on issues of power, challenge and relationships over many years, and the moves between knowing and not-knowing with families and couples. Examples are given of his approaches and how relationship is crucial, focussing on risk taking in our questions and statements and how this relates to a growth in confidence and experience.

Dr. Ged Smith is a consultant systemic psychotherapist working in the Liverpool region of the UK and has worked in child and adult services for almost 30 years. He presents at many conferences all over the world and publishes on issues of therapeutic power, gender, masculinity and the self of the therapist.



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