Chemistry & Biodiversity is an interdisciplinary journal exploring nature at the molecular and macromolecular levels. The publication covers a wide range of biorelevant topics from all research fields straddling the border between the chemical and biological sciences. We feature both field-specific and interdisciplinary contributions.

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  • We are launching this special issue, dedicated to Prof. Yue-Wei Guo, a senior scientist from the Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica (SIMM), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), for his important contributions to marine-derived bioactive natural products in China. During the past decades, Prof. Guo’s group has been very active in contributing to natural product chemistry, especially the chemistry of marine natural products, including the isolation, structural elucidation, synthesis, biosynthesis, as well as chemo-ecology and  exploring the bioactivity of marine natural products from diverse marine fauna and flora. During his research career, more than 4000 natural products with diverse scaffolds from terrestrial and marine organisms were isolated and structurally characterized by his group, and a number of lead compounds were discovered to possess a variety of bioactivities with the potential for new drug development.

    As the guest editors of this special issue, Prof. Dr. Wen-Han Lin and Prof. Dr. Xu-Wen Li, it is a great pleasure to invite you to submit your next important manuscript to Chemistry and Biodiversity, a pioneering journal of medicinal chemistry. The special issue will include all aspects of natural product chemistry, including 1) methodologies for the isolation and structural characterization of new natural compounds, 2) biosynthetic chemistry of natural products, 3) bioactive natural compounds and their mode of action, 4) chemo-ecology of marine or terrestrial organisms, and also 5) synthetic chemistry.

    The deadline for submission is June 30th, 2023. All accepted manuscripts will be published free of charge.

    Guest Editors:

    Prof. Dr. Wen-Han Lin

    Prof. Dr. Xu-Wen Li

  • Call for Papers: Special Collection - The 9th Brazilian Conference on Natural Products (BCNP)

    The 9th Brazilian Conference on Natural Products (BCNP) is a nonprofit event dedicated to promoting the development of science and the excellence of Natural Products Chemistry worldwide. The Division of Natural Products of the Brazilian Chemical Society supports it. The program comprises plenary and short lectures, interactive sessions, round table discussions, and oral presentations chosen from contributed papers, besides poster sessions.

    Prof. Dr. Eliane de Oliveira Silva and Prof. Dr. Renata Biegelmeyer, as the guest editors of this special collection, we are looking forward to receiving your submissions. Indeed, it is an excellent opportunity to discuss and share subjects related to different aspects of studying natural products. The articles published in this special collection will contribute to the internationalization of BCNP and increase the valorization of works on Natural Products developed in Brazil.

  • This special collection will present the latest research findings on characterization of pharmacological substances, identification of functional components, and discovery of bioactive molecules from the medicinal plants and classic formulated preparations with resource characteristics.

    Our guest editors Prof. Xingyun Chai (Beijing University of Chinese Medicine), Prof. Guangying Chen (Hainan Normal University), Prof. Qingying Zhang (Peking University Health Science Center), and Deputy Editor Dr. Yuzhu Song encourage authors to contribute the most recent findings (research articles) in the field of ethnomedicines of China, and any up-to-date review articles would be highly appreciated.

    Deadline for Submission: April 30, 2023


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