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The Journal of the American Water Resources Association (JAWRA) publishes original research that examines the multidisciplinary and complex issues surrounding water resources.

Papers often cover the topics of recent AWRA conferences such as riparian ecology, geographic information systems, adaptive management, and water policy.

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Methods for Estimating Locations of Housing Units Served by Private Domestic Wells in the United States Applied to 2010


Research Impact Statement: The work provides improved estimates of the spatial distribution of housing units reliant on private domestic wells in the United States and a foundation to protect this water supply at all levels of government.

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Water‐Use Data in the United States: Challenges and Future Directions


Research Impact Statement: To inform future decision-making regarding water supplies and uses, we must coordinate efforts to substantially improve our capacity to collect, model, and disseminate water-use data.

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Flood Risk Reduction from Agricultural Best Management Practices


Research Impact Statement: Agricultural best management practices (BMPs) can reduce flood risk, providing a co-benefit to nutrient reduction.

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Influence of Land Use Land Cover on River Water Quality in Rural North Wales, UK


Research Impact Statement: Our field study at two rural catchments in North Wales UK shows that the proportion of high-quality agricultural land in a catchment is one of the strongest predictors of its stream water quality.

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