Publishing leading-edge research that contributes to our collective understanding of accounting's role within organizations, markets, or society, Contemporary Accounting Research (CAR) is Canadian-based but global in scope. The journal seeks to reflect the worldwide intellectual diversity in accounting research and welcomes interesting and intellectually rigorous work in all topics of accounting using any appropriate method, and based on any discipline or research tradition that can contribute to accounting knowledge.


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CAR article wins 2021 Notable Contribution to Audit Literature Award for the American Accounting Association’s Audit Section. “Auditors’ Experiences of Corporate Governance in the Post-Sarbanes Oxley Era," by Cohen (Boston College), Krishnamoorthy (Northeastern University) and Wright (Northeastern University). Corporate Governance in the Post‐Sarbanes‐Oxley Era: Auditors’ Experiences* - COHEN - 2010 - Contemporary Accounting Research - Wiley Online Library

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