Aims & Scope

Natural Resource Modeling (NRM) is an international journal devoted to modeling to provide insight into natural resource systems. Modeling is taken broadly to include the use of any quantitative methods (mathematical, statistical or computational). Papers comprising novel models or an innovative combination of quantitative tools are welcomed, provided they meet some of the following criteria:

  • They generate insight and new understanding of a system involving natural resources
  • They yield strategies or policies for the optimal management of natural resources or ecosystems
  • They have broader applications to other renewable or nonrenewable resources or ecosystems

Some examples of application areas include the sustainable utilisation of renewable resources, the optimal exploitation of exhaustible resources, finding strategies to mitigate the effects of hazards (such as floods, wildfire, disease, and invasive species) on natural resources, understanding the effects of climate change and other anthropogenic disturbances on biodiversity, ecosystems, and food systems.


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