Through Asia-Pacific Journal of Financial Studies, Korean Securities Association aims to contribute to the development of capital markets and the financial services industry in the Asia-Pacific region by promoting academic collaboration and mutual cooperation among scholars, professionals, and policymakers to share research interests and policy issues.

Asia-Pacific Journal of Financial Studies has been published since 1980 and has been selected for coverage in the Social Science Citation Index (SSCI) as of 2006 - it is the first SSCI-listed finance journal in Asia. The journal is bimonthly and publishes articles written in English.

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We are pleased to announce the following recipients for the 2022 AJFS Best Paper Awards, the 2022 AJFS Best Reviewer Award, and the 2022 AJFS Best Associate Editor Award.

2022 AJFS Mirae Asset Best Paper Award:
"Corporate Social Irresponsibility and Firm Value: International Evidence from Media Coverage" by Tracie Frost, Lei Li, Albert Tsang and Miao Yu (Vol. 51 no. 3)

2022 AJFS Samsung Asset Management Best Paper Award:
"Distress Resolution Through New Block Formation: Implications for Ownership Concentration" by Yoonyoung Choy (Vol. 51 no. 2)


2022 Best Reviewer Awards

Shufeng Wang (Ajou University)

2022 Best Associate Editor Award

Zhaoxia Xu (University of New South Wales)


Congratulations to the all the winners!


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2022 Board Members’ Choice Papers

"Effect of Shadow Banking Activities on Firm Risk and Performance: Entrusted Loan Evidence from Chinese Listed Firms" by by Xiaoyan Wang, Sijia Qiao, Chung-Hua Shen, Meng-Wen Wu and Juan Wang (Vol.51 no.2)

"Financial Education and Gender Equity" by Kyounghun Bae, Ga-Young Jang, Hyoung-Goo Kang and Pearleen Tan (Vol.51 no.3)

"The Role of Social Media in Financial Risk Prediction: Evidence from China" by Qi Wang, Chenghu Zhang and Zheng Li (Vol.51 no.4)

"One Country, Two Calendars: Lunar January Effect in China’s A-Share Stock Market" by Xiaobo Liang, Qianqiu Liu and Allan A. Zebedee (Vol.51 no.6)

Editors' Choice Papers


A Survey of Asian Family Business Research by Morten Bennedsen, Yi-Chun Lu and Vikas Mehrotra (Vol. 51, no. 1)


Liquidity Management During the Covid‐19 Pandemic by Heitor Almeida (Vol. 50, no. 1)

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Top 5 Most Downloaded Papers in 2022

Finance and Corporate Innovation: A Survey by Jie (Jack) He and Xuan Tian (Vol 47 no.2)

FinTech, Lending and Payment Innovation: A Review by Sumit Agarwal and Jian Zhang (Vol 49 no.3)

Liquidity Management During the Covid-19 Pandemic* by Heitor Almeida (Vol 50 no.1)

Winner’s Curse in Initial Public Offering Subscriptions with Investors’ Withdrawal Options by Dennis K. J. Lin, Lanfeng Kao and Anlin Chen (Vol 39 no.1)

ESG and Stock Price Crash Risk: Role of Financial Constraints*by JinCheol Bae, Xiaotong Yang and Myung-In Kim (Vol 50 no.5)


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