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The Journal of Engineering Education (JEE) serves to cultivate, disseminate, and archive scholarly research in engineering education.

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Virtual issues are online collections of previously published content from the journal. They are grouped together based on conferences and specific important topics. These collections are set free to read for a period of two months when they are first published. We hope you enjoy looking through these virtual issues.

To read the Journal of Engineering Education's latest virtual issue, please click here. Read more virtual issues here.

Editor's Choice

We're pleased to announce the Journal of Engineering Education's Editor's Choice paper from the July 2022 issue: Smartness in engineering: Beliefs of undergraduate engineering students (Emily Dringenberg, Amy Kramer, Amy R. Betz).

First published: April 12, 2022, the article is free to read through October 31, 2022.

You can read more Editor's Choice papers here.

Congratulations AERA Division I 2023 ORPA Winner

Congratulations to Dina VerdínJessica M. Smith, and Juan C. Lucena! Their manuscript “Recognizing the funds of knowledge of first-generation college students in engineering: An instrument development” has won the 2023 Division I Outstanding Research Publication Award. Read the award-winning article here:


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