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The International Turfgrass Society Research Journal (ITSRJ), the official journal of the International Turfgrass Society, is a peer-reviewed journal published every four years. The journal publishes research presented at their quadrennial conference. Papers published in the ITSRJ cover turfgrass science and management that may involve, but are not limited to, plant genetics; breeding; cytology; metabolism; physiology; ecology; weed science; entomology; pathology; genomics, molecular genetics and biotechnology; plant genetic resources; and soil science and management. The journal publishes research papers, reviews, issue papers, case studies, and short communications.

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Cover Image, Volume 14, Issue 1

  •  11 July 2022



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International Turfgrass Society Research Journal, Volume 14 (2022)

  •  3-3
  •  14 June 2022
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ROBO‐GOLF: Robotic mowers for better turf quality on golf courses—Preliminary results

  •  1049-1056
  •  1 June 2022

Core Ideas

  • We studied implications for better turf quality on golf course fairways and semiroughs.
  • Preliminary results showed that turfgrass quality with robotic mowing was similar to manual mowing.
  • Robotic mowing resulted in less disease in both fairway and semirough.
  • Robotic mowing tended to increase the spread of white clover compared with manual mowing.

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Water use and resilience in the leisure sector in England

  •  1006-1009
  •  10 May 2022
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