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Bioarchaeology and Population History of Asia,

Published: 25 Feb 2010

Edited By: Christopher Ruff

Introduction: The biological anthropology of living and past populations in Asia has been a major focus of the American Journal of Physical Anthropology in recent years. Studies of DNA in living peoples, ancient DNA from skeletal material, and craniometric characteristics have been used to explore population affinities and movements. Past lifeways and environmental adaptations have been reconstructed through analyses of variation in body proportions, musculoskeletal markers of activity levels, and isotopic dietary markers. Regions of interest targeted in recent papers span the continent, from Southeast Asia to Japan, Korea, China, Mongolia, Siberia, and India.

Genetic history of Southeast Asian populations as revealed by ancient and modern human mitochondrial DNA analysis
Patcharee Lertrit, Samerchai Poolsuwan, Rachanie Thosarat, Thitima Sanpachudayan, Hathaichanoke Boonyarit, Chatchai Chinpaisal, Bhoom Suktitipat

Temporal variation and interaction between nutritional and developmental instability in prehistoric Japanese populations
Kara C. Hoover, Hirofumi Matsumura

Variation in limb proportions between Jomon foragers and Yayoi agriculturalists from prehistoric Japan
Daniel H. Temple, Benjamin M. Auerbach, Masato Nakatsukasa, Paul W. Sciulli, Clark Spencer Larsen

Ancient DNA analysis of human remains from the upper capital city of Kublai Khan
Yuqin Fu, Chengzhi Xie, Xuelian Xu, Chunxiang Li, Quanchao Zhang, Hui Zhou, Hong Zhu

Craniometric variation of the Ainu: An assessment of differential gene flow from Northeast Asia into Northern Japan, Hokkaido
Tsunehiko Hanihara, Kohzo Yoshida, Hajime Ishida

Mitochondrial DNA analysis of Jomon skeletons from the Funadomari site, Hokkaido, and its implication for the origins of Native American
Noboru Adachi, Ken-ichi Shinoda, Kazuo Umetsu, Hirofumi Matsumura

A microsatellite study to disentangle the ambiguity of linguistic, geographic, ethnic and genetic influences on tribes of India to get a better clarity of the antiquity and peopling of South Asia
S. Krithika, Suvendu Maji, T.S. Vasulu

Regional differences in craniofacial diversity and the population history of Jomon Japan
Tsunehiko Hanihara, Hajime Ishida

Upper limb musculoskeletal stress markers among middle Holocene foragers of Siberia's Cis-Baikal region
Angela R. Lieverse, Vladimir Ivanovich Bazaliiskii, Olga Ivanovna Goriunova, Andrzej W. Weber

Tracing the origins of Hakka and Chaoshanese by mitochondrial DNA analysis
Wen-Zhi Wang, Cheng-Ye Wang, Yao-Ting Cheng, An-Long Xu, Chun-Ling Zhu, Shi-Fang Wu, Qing-Peng Kong, Ya-Ping Zhang

Patterns of systemic stress during the agricultural transition in prehistoric Japan
Daniel H. Temple

Isotopic evidence of dietary variations and weaning practices in the Gaya cemetery at Yeanri, Gimhae, South Korea
Kyungcheol Choy, Ok-Ryun Jeon, Benjamin T. Fuller, Micheal P. Richards

A genetic analysis of the Sakishima islanders reveals no relationship with Taiwan aborigines but shared ancestry with Ainu and main-island Japanese
Hirotaka Matsukusa, Hiroki Oota, Kuniaki Haneji, Takashi Toma, Shoji Kawamura, Hajime Ishida

Prehistorical East-West admixture of maternal lineages in a 2,500-year-old population in Xinjiang
Fan Zhang, Zhi Xu, Jingze Tan, Yuefeng Sun, Bosong Xu, Shilin Li, Xin Zhao, Hui Zhou, Guoqiang Gong, Jun Zhang, Li Jin

A western Eurasian male is found in 2000-year-old elite Xiongnu cemetery in Northeast Mongolia
Kijeong Kim, Charles H. Brenner, Victor H. Mair, Kwang-Ho Lee, Jae-Hyun Kim, Eregzen Gelegdorj, Natsag Batbold, Yi-Chung Song, Hyeung-Won Yun, Eun-Jeong Chang, Gavaachimed Lkhagvasuren, Munkhtsetseg Bazarragchaa, Ae-Ja Park, Inja Lim, Yun-Pyo Hong, Wonyong Kim, Sang-In Chung, Dae-Jin Kim, Yoon-Hee Chung, Sung-Su Kim, Won-Bok Lee, Kyung-Yong Kim

Genetic diversity of two haploid markers in the Udegey population from southeastern Siberia
Han-Jun Jin

Genetic diversity of two haploid markers in the Udegey population from southeastern Siberia
Ki-Cheol Kim, Wook Kim