Cochrane Evidence Synthesis and Methods welcomes you to submit your research.  

Cochrane Evidence Synthesis and Methods is a fully open access journal that aims to develop the evidence base for how we produce and publish evidence syntheses. The journal welcomes different types of evidence syntheses across health and social care including scoping reviews, rapid reviews, evidence gap maps, brief reports, and methods research evaluating how we plan, produce, and disseminate evidence syntheses. The journal also welcomes research articles seeking to inform and develop evidence synthesis decisions and methods, including, priority setting, consumer involvement, and meta-research to improve research integrity.  

Michael Brown, Editor, Cochrane Evidence Synthesis and Methods, and Professor at Michigan State University, USA, said, “The agility involved means we can collaborate more closely with guideline developers, decision makers and funders through publication of evidence syntheses directly relevant to their specific interests. We hope the community is as excited as we are to be able to publish this range of research relevant to evidence synthesis in a journal with Cochrane’s philosophy for transparency, integrity, and independence.”

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