Structural Control and Health Monitoring encompasses all theoretical and technological aspects of structural control, structural health monitoring theory and smart materials and structures. 

Obituary for Dr. Chi Liu

Dr. Chi Liu passed away on June 30, 2023.

Born in China, he grew up in Taiwan where he received his undergraduate degree from National Taiwan University before moving to the University of California, Berkeley for his PhD graduation, under the supervision of Prof. Penzien. Later he served at National Science Foundation in the US, pioneering several fields in the area of structure and infrastructure engineering and promoting international relations with Japan, I ndia, China and Europe.

Dr. Liu was supporting the growth of structural control at the beginning of Nineties, focusing attention on the broad family of intelligent systems. At the beginning of this century, he promoted bio - inspired systems and autonomous systems, also in cooperation with the Air Force Research Organization.

His unique ability was to connect with individuals capable of assembling scientists drawn to innovative aspects and technological breakthroughs.


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