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Wiley StatsRef: Statistics Reference Online publishes new content online regularly to ensure that it remains the most up-to-date statistics reference online. It was most recently updated in August 2021, when the following new and updated articles were published:

August 2021 Updates

Environmental Epidemiology
Discriminant Analysis with Biomedical Examples
Casella, George
Supervised Learning
Interaction Networks in Microbiome Studies
Unsupervised and Semisupervised Learning
Overdiagnosis Related to Organized Screening Programmes
Measures of Concordance and Discordance
Survival Signatures for System Reliability
Industry 4.0
Stochastic Control of Dam Discharges

May 2021 Updates

Monte Carlo Simulation: Are We There Yet?
Resampling Procedures for Sample Surveys
Alternating Minimization Algorithms
A Gentle Introduction to ADMM for Statistical Problems
Linear Algebra, Computational
Computational Statistics and Data Science in the Twenty‐First Century
Statistical Analysis of Survey Data
Selection and Validation of Response Scales
Material Deprivation
Streaming Data and Data Streams
Penalized Regression
Tensors in Modern Statistical Learning
Seemingly Unrelated Regressions
Elements of Economics of Uncertainty and Time with Recursive Utility
Indicators Definition: Non Compensatory Methods
Social Deprivation
Compositional Data: An Application to Brain Volumetric Visualization

February 2021 Updates

Lexis Diagram
Bayesian joint models for longitudinal and survival data
Unbalanced Datasets
Hazard function modelling
Bayesian Registration of Functions
M.J. (Susie) Bayarri
Financial crises and the macroeconomy
Bayesian analysis of seismic events
Advances in Importance Sampling
Markov Chain Monte Carlo Methods
Factor Modeling for High Dimensional Time Series
Uncertainty Visualization
Visual Communication of Data
Financial Crisis of 2007-09
Financial Systemic Risk
Financial Stability Data
Ergonomic and Reliable Bayesian Inference with Adaptive Markov Chain Monte Carlo

November 2020 Updates
Curse of Dimensionality
Indicators Definition: Weighting Criteria in Social Indexes
International Indexes
Sports Forecasting
Pilot Studies in Clinical Research
World Class Manufacturing
Lindsay, Bruce G.
Randomized Quasi-Monte Carlo
Support Vector Regression
Generalized Poisson Distributions
Data Visualization in Reliability of Repairable Systems: The SiZer Map Tool
Monetizing Industry 4.0 and IoT Data for Marketing and Sales
Forecasting with the Theta Method
Statistical Tests for the Hardy–Weinberg Equilibrium
Statistical Process Monitoring for Manifold Data
Bayesian Analysis of Terrorist Activities
Statistical Software
Sequential Monte Carlo: Particle Filters and Beyond
Ergonomic and Reliable Bayesian Inference with Adaptive Markov Chain Monte Carlo
Functional Data Visualization
Big Data Visualization
Monetizing Industry 4.0 and IoT Data for Marketing and Sales – Data Collected from Processes in Smart Factories
Monetizing Industry 4.0 and IoT Data for Marketing and Sales – Data Collected from Smart Homes and Wearables
Monetizing Industry 4.0 and IoT Data for Marketing and Sales – Collected from Connected Cars

May 2020 Updates
Cyanuric chloride
Bayesian Methods in Brain Networks
Quality Monitoring and Control in Additive Manufacturing
Negative Binomial Regression
Data Validation
Combinatorial Testing
Bayesian Demography
Accelerated Life Tests: Classical Methods for Design and Analysis
Integrated Nested Laplace Approximations (INLA)
Health Organizational Design: Information Exchange and Accountability
Model Selection in Regression: Statistical and Scientific Perspectives
Prevalence Mapping
Confusion Matrix
Clogg, Clifford C
Statistics and Terrorism: Insights into Lethality of Terrorism Through Bayesian Modeling
Chaloner, Kathryn M.
Variograms for Functional Data

January 2020 Updates

Additive Trees - James E. Corter
Open Probability-Based Panels - Bernd Wei 
The JITAI Code: A Primer on Just-In-Time-Adaptive Interventions - Sherine El-Toukhy
Geary's Contiguity Ratio (Geary's c) - Mevin B. Hooten 
Metropolis Jumping Rules - Jun S. Liu 
Gaussian Quadrature - Wanzhu Tu
Hamiltonian Monte Carlo - Wanzhu Tu
Treatment Effect and Double Robust Estimator at the Quantiles - Marilena Furno 
Marginal Distribution - Walter W. Piegorsch 

November 2019 Updates

Bayesian Robustness
Algorithms, Statistical
Averaged Shifted Histogram
Stalactite Plot
Accelerated Life Testing
Estimation: General Aspects
Fan Plot
Markov Chain Monte Carlo
Forest Inventory
Generalization Error for Decision Problems
Representer Theorem
Scale Mixture Distribution
Simultaneous Autoregressive (SAR) Model
Organizational Benchmarking for Airport Management
Electricity Price Forecasting
Superbug Clinical Trials
Pedestrian Safety Analysis
Definitive Screening Designs
Superimposed Renewal Processes in Reliability
Group Testing for Estimation
Link Function

August 2019 Updates


n-Dimensional Quadrature

Semi-Infinite Programming



Simulation of Stochastic Processes

Software Reliability

Law of Total Probability

Computational Statistics for Cybersecurity


Concepts, Definitions and Formulae

Geographic Epidemiology


Project Management: A General Overview

Spatial Survival Model

Bayesian Probability of Success in Clinical Trials

Developing Implementable Risk Prediction Models with Electronic Health Records Data


Methods and Theory

Monte Carlo Methods

Cause-and-Effect Diagrams

James–Stein Estimator: Introduction

Causality for Decision-Making

Meta-Analysis of Rare Events

Cluster Ensembles


Generalized Pairwise Comparisons

Bayesian Additive Regression Trees (BART)

May 2019 Updates


Causal Graph Models for Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics

Enriched Biomarker-Driven Clinical Trials

Illness-Death Model

Outcome Weighted Learning

Pragmatic Clinical Trials

Efficient Treatment Allocation in Two-Way Nested Designs

Concepts, Definitions and Formulae


Deep Learning

History and Biography

Anderson, Theodore W.

Ghosh, Jayanta Kumar

Journals, Societies and Agencies

Institute of Mathematical Statistics (IMS)

Methods and Theory

Statistical Software

Random Graphs

Intraclass Correlation Coefficient in Clinical Trials

Adaptive Monte Carlo Integration

Dutch Book

Causal Prediction and Forecasting

Dynamic Risk Prediction

EBLUPs: Empirical Best Linear Unbiased Predictors

Binary State Start-Up Demonstration Tests

Particle Filtering

Group Testing for Identification


February 2019 Updates


Confounding – Structure

Medicare Data

Design and Analysis of Social Contact Surveys Relevant for the Spread of Infectious Diseases

Social Polarization

Prediction of Injury Risk in Sports

Multiple Prioritized Outcomes

Ranking Methods in Soccer

Prediction of Soccer Matches

Continual Reassessment Method

Field Substitution in Surveys

History and Biography

Good, Irving John

Godambe, Vidyadhar Prabhakar

Methods and Theory

Sequential Analysis – Further Developments Updated with a Focus on Biomedical, Economic, and Engineering Applications

Support Vector Machines

Psychometric Reliability: Definition, Estimation, and Application

Multiple Imputation-Based Sensitivity Analysis

Bayesian Multilevel Modeling Manifold-Based Learning: Linear Methods

Mixed Cure Rate Model

Multistate Start-Up Demonstration Tests

The Weibull Regression Model

Bayesian Methods in Sport Statistics

Random Survival Forests

Manifold-Based Learning: Nonlinear Methods

Journals, Societies and Agencies

The International Biometric Society

November 2018


Assets in Pension Funds

Bornhuetter–Ferguson Method

Burning Cost

Catastrophe Excess of Loss

Statistical Methods for Defense Testing

Repeated Measures Design for Enhancing Precision in Sports Research

A Survey of Statistics in the Neurological Sciences with a Focus on Human Neuroimaging

Statistical Evaluation of Medical Diagnostic Tests

Complete Spatial Randomness

Electricity Demand Forecasting

Social Network Analysis: A Gentle Introduction

Text Analysis: An Overview

Social Statistics

Data Science

Sequential Probability Ratio Test

Systems of Indicators

Scaling Models

Psychometrics Statistics

Use of Extended IRT Models for Composite Indicator Development

Indicators Construction

Charlier, Carl V.L.

Indicators Definition


Concepts, Definitions and Formulae

Partial Likelihood

History and Biography

Scott, Elizabeth L.

Risk Dependency Analysis (RDA) in Complex Projects

The Protective Estimator: A Tool for Longitudinal Analysis with Missing Data

Bertil Matérn

Methods and Theory

Bootstrap Methods: The Classical Theory and Recent Development

Web Survey

Bayesian Analysis of Gravitational Wave Data

Exact Inference Methods for Rare Events

Gani, Joe

Principal Component Analysis for Big Data

Bayesian Product Partition Models

Advances in Compositional Data Analysis

Exponential Random Graph Models

An Information-Theoretic Approach for the Evaluation of Surrogate Endpoints

Compositional Tables

Sequential Design of Computer Experiments

Bayes Spaces

August 2018 Updates


Accurate Implementation of Response Adaptive Randomization with Mass-Weighted Urn Design

Statistics in Drug Discovery

Statistical Network Surveillance

Sequential Multiple Assignment Randomized Trial (SMART)

Calibration of Prognostic Risk Scores

Reliability Analysis of Polymeric Materials

Statistics and Metrology

Big Data

Spatial Statistics along Networks

Risk Dependency Analysis (RDA) in Complex Projects


Methods and Theory

Coherent Systems

Circular Data Models

Bayesian Item Response Theory Estimation

Application of Model-Based Designs in Phase I Trials

Statistical Emulation

Fraud Detection, Electoral

Monte Carlo Simulation, Automatic Stopping Criteria For

Within-Cluster Resampling/Multiple Outputation

Double Robustness

Stochastic Programming, Scenario Generation In

Combining Estimates from Multiple Surveys

Machine Learning

Self-Organizing Maps

Reduction of Dimensionality

Partially Ordered Sets: Partial Order Scalogram Analysis with Base Coordinates (POSAC)


Methods Theory & Applications

Count Time Series Analysis

Categorical Time Series Analysis

Integer-Valued Autoregressive Moving-Average (INARMA) Models

INGARCH and Regression Models for Count Time Series

Hidden-Markov Models for Count Time Series


May 2018 Updates


Framingham: An Evolving Longitudinal Study

Mixed Outcomes

Extreme Events Modeling in Energy Companies

Reduce Allocation Predictability by Replacing the Permuted Block Design with the Block Urn Design for Subject Randomization in Clinical Trials

Sequential Elimination in Multi-arm Multi-stage Selection Trials

Brick Tunnel Randomization

Statistical Methods in Network Traffic

Stochastic Models for Rust Formation

Estimation of Half-Life Periods in Nonlinear Data

Recent Statistical Topics of Nuclear Material Inventory Verification

Quality Assurance and Issues in Healthcare Quality

Risk-Adjusted Exponentially Weighted Moving Average Control Chart in Healthcare

Comparison of Survival Functions to Determine Effectiveness of Treatments in Health-Care Applications


History and Biography

Box, George Edward Pelham: His Life and Contributions to Statistics and Science

Journals, Societies and Agencies

The International Prize in Statistics

The American Statistical Association

Methods and Theory

Statistical Flowgraph Models

Directional Distributions

Chi-Squared Tests: Numerical Examples

Analysis of Recurrent Events from Repairable Systems

Agreement, Modeling of Categorical

Aalen–Johansen Estimator

Test Score Equating

Big Data Clustering

Agent-Based Modeling

Imputation with High-Dimensional Data

Confidence Intervals for Two Independent Binomial Proportions

Random Forests for Survival Analysis G-Computation Formula

Sufficient Dimension Reduction

Sure Independence Screening

Conditional Autoregressive (CAR) Model

Micro-Randomized Trial

Proximal Methods for Penalized Regression

Grey Systems in Reliability

Empirical Likelihood Approaches under Complex Sampling Designs

Adaptive Monte Carlo Integration

Semiparametric Theory

MOVER-R for Confidence Intervals of Ratios

Stochastic EM

February 2018 Updates


Linkage Analysis

Coverage – Non-Life Insurance

Medical Devices

Intention-to-Treat: Overview

Model-Assisted Sampling and Estimation

Project Management in Government

Statistical Challenges in Exoplanet Detection

Statistical Methods in Astronomy

Analysis of Life History Calendar Data

Minimal Sufficient Balance – A Better Alternative to Minimization for Randomized Controlled Trials

Risk-Adjusted Proportion Nonconforming (p-Chart) Control Chart in Healthcare

Nonclinical Statistics

Practical Implementation of Dose–Response Adaptive Trials

Partially Ordered Sets


Concepts, Definitiions and Formulas

Kullback–Leibler Information

Big Data


History and Biography

Hall, Peter G

Ramanathan (Ram) Gnanadesikan


Methods and Theory

A Review on Assessing Agreement

Biometric Functions

Assessment and Construction of Designed Experiments

Density Estimation

Conditional Standard Errors of Measurement

Within-Case Designs: Distribution-Free Methods

Kernel Density Estimation

Spatial Distribution

Cylindrical Data

Bayesian Decision-Making with Application to Resource Allocation

Targeted Minimum Loss-Based Estimation


Nonconvex Optimization

Complete Sufficient Statistics

Model Averaging

Dynamic Treatment Regimes


Tests for Comparing Two Ordered Multinomials

Double Hurdle Model

On Normal Law Conditions for Turing's Formula

Random Walk Metropolis Sampler

Ensemble Kalman Filter