JOB Best Paper Award

2017 Winner
Leadership behaviors and follower performance: Deductive and inductive examination of theoretical rationales and underlying mechanisms
Ryan K Gottfredson and Herman Aguinis. 38:4

2017 JOB Best Paper Runners Up: 

Loyal rebels? A test of the normative conflict model of constructive deviance 
Jason J. Dahling and Melissa B. Gutworth. 38:8

Encouraging environmental sustainability through gender: A micro‐foundational approach using linguistic gender marking  
Amir Shoham, Tamar Almor, Sang Mook Lee and Mohammad F. Ahammad. 38:9

Previous Winners:

When do you procrastinate? Sleep quality and social sleep lag jointly predict self-regulatory failure at work
Jana Kühnel, Ronald Bledow, and Nicolas Feuerhahn. 37:7

Which comes first, organizational culture or performance? A longitudinal study of causal priority with automobile dealerships.
Anthony S. Boyce, Levi R. G. Nieminen, Michael A. Gillespie, Ann Marie Ryan, Daniel R. Denison. 36:3

Workplace racial/ethnic similarity.
Annekatrin Hoppe, Kaori Fujishiro, Catherine A. Heaney. 35:2

Organizational predictors and health consequences of changes in burnout: A 12-year cohort study.
Michael P. Leiter, Jari J. Hakanen, Kirsi Ahola, Salla Toppinen-Tanner, Aki Koskinen, and Ari Vaananen. 34:7