Lived Experience Narratives

The journal welcomes narratives from people with lived experience of mental health problems or services. These should have the potential to develop mental health nursing practice and/or advance wider personal understanding of mental health and problems. Narratives can be authored by a single person concerning their own experience, or jointly, for example, one person relating their own experience and another person providing context and analysis. In either case, the narrative should contextualise experiences by using some references to relevant literature (in the arts and/or the sciences). Please write your paper with the following questions in mind: Introduction: What would be a key take away message from your story? What experiences: what are your experiences and how do these relate to the key take away messages. Conclusion: What would you most like to see different in mental health care? What aspects of what you have described would you like to see replicated or developed in mental health nursing?

Joint authors of narratives of lived experience should ensure that there is a genuine and equal collaboration, and that the contextualisation or analysis avoids any interpretation of someone else’s experience that has not been validated with that person.

This section will not consider 'case studies' written by professionals about people with lived experience nor will we accept letters of complaint about a specific service. ***** Please ensure anonymity is maintained if discussing a service, staff or other people. Authorship can be written under people’s own name or using a pseudonym.****

Word limit: 5000 words maximum but can be a short as you like.

Accessible Summary: 150 words maximum. The purpose is to make your paper accessible to those who use mental health services voluntary organisations. The Accessible Summary should be written in straightforward language, structured under the following sub-headings, with 1-2 bullet points under each: What is known on the subject; What the paper adds to existing knowledge; What are the implications for mental health nursing.

References: 10 maximum

Contacting an editor with your idea: If you have an idea or would like to speak to our handling editor about writing a narrative then please contact: Dr Charley Baker