Video Abstracts 2012

The mentalistic basis of core social cognition: experiments in preverbal infants and a computational model
J. Kiley Hamlin, Tomer Ullman, Josh Tenenbaum, Noah Goodman, Chris Baker

Influence of bilingualism on memory generalization during infancy
Natalie Brito, Rachel Barr

Toddlers recognize words in an unfamiliar accent after brief exposure
Rachel Schmale, Alejandrina Cristia, Amanda Seidl

Consolidation of vocabulary is associated with sleep in children
Lisa M. Henderson, Anna R. Weighall, Helen Brown, M. Gareth Gaskell

Biracial and monoracial infant own-race face perception: an eye tracking study
Sarah E. Gaither, Kristin Pauker, Scott P. Johnson

Language input and acquisition in a Mayan village: how important is directed speech?
Laura A. Shneidman, Susan Goldin-Meadow

Word learning in deaf children with cochlear implants: effects of early auditory experience
Derek M. Houston, Jessica Stewart, Aaron Moberly, George Hollich, Richard T. Miyamoto

Infant word segmentation and childhood vocabulary development: a longitudinal analysis
Leher Singh, J. Steven Reznick, Liang Xuehua