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Most accessed articles in 2016

The core of social function after solid organ transplantation
Anna Forsberg, Josefine Cavallini, Isabell Fridh and Annette Lennerling

Factors associated with preference for dying at home among terminally ill patients with cancer
Marianne Schou-Andersen, Maria P. Ullersted, Anders Bonde Jensen and Mette Asbjoern Neergaard

Healthcare professionals’ views on the mutual consistency of the Finnish Classification of Nursing Interventions and the Oulu Patient Classification
Pia Liljamo, Ulla-Mari Kinnunen and Kaija Saranto

Growing older in the context of needing geriatric assessment: a qualitative study
Bente Appel Esbensen, Ida Hvitved, Hanne Elkjær Andersen and Charlotte Møller Petersen

Why Do Patients with COPD Decline Rehabilitation
Helle Mathar, Pernille Fastholm, Ida Rode Hansen and Niels Sandholm Larsen

Assessment of family functioning: evaluation of the General Functioning Scale in a Swedish Bariatric Sample

Ami Bylund, Kristofer Årestedt, Eva Benzein, Anders Thorell and Carina Persson

Parental relationship satisfaction after the death of a child

Katja Joronen, Marja Kaunonen and Anna Liisa Aho

Psychometric properties of the Orientation to Life Questionnaire in nursing home residents
Jorunn Drageset and Gørill Haugan

Association between the diagnosis of atrial fibrillation and aspects of health status: a Danish cross-sectional study
Vibeke Hoegh, Soeren Lundbye-Christensen, Charlotte Delmar, Kirsten Frederiksen, Sam Riahi and Kim Overvad

Dressing an existential wound (DEW) – a new model for long-term care following disasters

Arne Rehnsfeldt and Maria Arman