Special Issues

TESOL Quarterly Special Issues

2025: The Role of the Learner in Task Performance and Acquisitiipn: Evidence from New and Emerging Perspectives

2025: TESOL Teacher Educators in a Time of Flux and Transformation

2025: Exploring the Effects of Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) Tools on the Teaching, Learning, and Assessment of English Productive Skills

2024: Assessing the Effectiveness of Corpus-based Approaches to English Language Teaching

2024: Global Englishes and TESOL

2023: Teaching English in a Time of Resurgent Nationalism

2022: Digital Literacies in TESOL: Mapping Out the Terrain

2021: Linguistically Responsive Instruction in Higher Education

: Equity for English Learners in Dual Language Bilingual Education

: No special issue

: At the Cross-roads of TESOL and English Medium Instruction

: Complementary Perspectives on Task-based Classroom Realities

: Language Teacher Identity in Multilingual Education

Multimodality in TESOL: Out From Margins of English Language Teaching

: K-12 Standards-Based Educational Reform: Implications for Immigrant and Indigenous English Language Learner Populations

2013: Plurilingualism in TESOL

2012: Novice Professionals in TESOL

2011: Narrative Research in TESOL

2010: Migration and Adult Language Learning: Global Flows and Local Transpositions

: Teacher-Based Assessment: An International Perspective on Theory and Practice

2008: Face to Face With the Ghost in the Machine: Psycholinguistics and TESOL

2007: TESOL and Policy Enactments: Perspectives From Practice

2006: Race and TESOL: Introduction to Concepts and Theories

2005: Changing Contexts and Shifting Paradigms in Pronunciation Teaching

2004: Looking Back, Taking Stock, Moving Forward: Investigating Gender in TESOL

2003: Reconceptualizing Pronunciation in TESOL: Intelligibility, Identity, and World

: New Directions in Contrastive Rhetoric

2001: Identifying Research Priorities: Themes and Directions for the TESOL International Research Foundation

2000: Computer-Mediated Communication in TESOL

1999: Critical Approaches to TESOL

1998: Research and Practice in English Language Teacher Education

1997: Language, Identity, and the Ownership of English

1996: Unpeeling the Onion: Language Planning and Policy and the ELT Profession

1995: Qualitative Theory and Methods in Applied Linguistics Research

1994: Learning English as an Additional Language in K-12 Schools

1993: Adult Literacies In TESOL

1992: Language Instruction and Assessment as Social Phenomena

: No Special Issue

1990: The Scope and Form of a Theory of Second Language Learning