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Table of Contents



Understanding practices and support needs of family caregivers of people with dementia in Africa: A scoping review
Oluwagbemiga Oyinlola, Tamara Sussman, Anthony Iwuagwu
14 June 2023

Barriers to and facilitators of the implementation of nonpharmacological interventions for behaviors and psychological symptoms of dementia in residential aged care homes: A systematic review of qualitative studies
Hunduma Ayeno, Gizat Kassie, Mustafa Atee, Tuan Nguyen
23 June 2023

Effects of social prescribing for older adults: An evidence and gap map
Vivian Welch, Mojde Yaqubi, Elizabeth Tanjong Ghogomu, Kate Mulligan, Michelle Nelson, Marianne Saragosa, Caitlin Muhl, Sonia Hsiung, Cindy Yu, Paul Hebert
24 November 2022

Non-pharmacological interventions for older depressed people: An evidence and gap map
Wenru Shang, Yanfei Li, Lili Wei, Yujia Liu, JunQiang Niu, Xiuxia Li, Kehu Yang
25 October 2022

Business and Management

Digital transformation in family firms: A systematic review
Tanapond Swanpitak, Aitthanatt Eitivipart
17 February 2023

Employee work motivation, effort and performance under a merit pay system: A systematic review
Cédric Velghe, Pinar Celik, Stan De Spiegelaere, Anders McIlquham-Schmidt, Martin Storme
7 November 2022

What interventions improve decision-making in organisational settings? An evidence and gap map of systematic reviews
Michael Noetel, Theo Gibbons, Alexander Saeri, Peter Slattery, Emily Grundy
24 March 2022

Employment and its effect on health and social wellbeing: A mapping review and evidence gap map
Fiona Campbell, Duncan Chambers, Jennifer Llewellyn, Suzy Paisley, Yannish Naik , Mark Clowes
12 March 2022

Work autonomy and management control as predictors of well-being and performance
Jonny Gifford, Rossella Barilli, Niklas Frewel
19 June 2019

Predictors of virtual team outcomes
Iulia Cioca, Oana Fodor, Shannon Marlow
13 February 2019

Multisource feedback and work performance
Emilia Wietrak, Iulia Cioca, Jonny Gifford
13 February 2019

Outcomes of workplace coaching for individuals and organizations
Niklas Frewel, Rossella Barilli, Fabio Massei, Lorenzo Avanzi
31 May 2018

Psychological empowerment and performance in the workplace
Rossella Barilli, Niklas Frewel, Fabio Massei, Jonny Gifford
31 May 2018 

Ethnic diversity and team performance
Barbara Janssen, Eric Barends
16 May 2018 

Children and Young Persons Wellbeing

Nutritional interventions in the management of childhood/youth aggression and other externalizing behaviours: A systematic review and meta-analysis
Barna Konkolÿ Thege
16 June 2023

Examining the value of theatre for young people: A global systematic review and evidence gap map
Kelly Freebody, Michael Anderson, Eliza Oliver
11 August 2023

The FRIENDS preventive programme for reducing anxiety symptoms in children and adolescents: A systematic review
Trine Filges
1 March 2023

Parenting interventions to prevent out-of-home placement of children: A systematic review
Nina Thorup Dalgaard
21 April 2023

Socio-cognitive determinants affecting insulin adherence/non-adherence in late adolescents and young adults with type 1 diabetes: A systematic review
Hanan AlBurno, Francine Schneide, Hein de Vries, Dabia Al Mohannadi, Stefan Jongen, Liesbeth Mercken
18 January 2023 

Frameworks of wellbeing for children and adolescents: A systematic review
Nicolas Aguilar-Farias, Susana Cortés-Morales, Sebastian Miranda-Marquez, Marcelo Toledo-Vargas, Jaime Carcamo-Oyarzun, Andrea Cortinez-O’Ryan, Alvaro Cerda-Maureira, Natalia Quijada-Mateluna, Karina Sandoval-Aguilera, Jessica Ibarra, Constanza Andrade-Torres, Teresa Balboa-Castillo, Francisca Roman Mella
25 July 2022

Evidence of systems performance in preventing serious youth violence in the UK and Ireland: An evidence and gap map
Shalu Jain, Dakshin Alva, Ashwani Verma, Guy Skinner, Monisha Narayan, Abigail Bond, Emanuella Oprea, Howard White
4 March 2022

Social, emotional, educational and behavioural outcomes in families and communities affected by parental incarceration: An evidence and gap map
Daragh Bradshaw, Ciara Keenan, Fiona Donson, Aisling Parkes
2 December 2021

Climate Solutions

Interventions and infrastructure to mitigate human health impacts of extreme heat events in temperate climate zones: An evidence and gap map
Rachel Jansen
17 April 2023

Carbon pricing and health; impact and opportunities for transformative change: an evidence map, systematic review and framework analysis
Soledad Cuevas, Daniel Nachtigall, Aimee Aguilar Jaber, Kristine Belesova, Jane Falconer, Andy Haines, Tamzin Reynolds, Hugh Waddington, Rosemary Green
7 October 2022

Crime and Justice

Gambling courts for reducing problem gambling and recidivism in the criminal justice system: A mixed-methods systematic review
Aino Suomi, Lorana Bartels, Meredith Rossner, Amanda Roberts
9 May 2023

Reducing community violence: A meta-review of what works
David Wilson
4 May 2023

Interventions to respond to violence against women in high-income countries: An evidence and gap map
Lorelei Hine
17 April 2023

Co-responding police-mental health programs and the impact on justice and social service outcomes: A systematic review
Matthew J. Teti, Catherine Clare Strange, Jordan M. Hyatt, Robert J. Kane
1 March 2023

Trauma-informed care in carceral occupational contexts
Denise M. Brend, Zack Marshall, Élyse Granger
9 November 2022

Correlates and antecedents of neighbourhood hate crime: A systematic review of risk and protective factors
Kathryn Benier, Michelle Sydes, Angela Higginson
4 November 2022

Policing interventions to engage with immigrant communities: A systematic review
Michelle Sydes, Angela Higginson, Lorelei Hine, Lorraine Mazerolle
14 October 2021

The effect of sports and physical activity interventions for at-risk and offending children and youth on behavioural, psychosocial and offending outcomes: A mixed-methods systematic review and meta-analysis
Suchi Malhotra, Ashima Mohan, Hannah Gaffney, Howard White
28 May 2021

Interventions to improve outcomes for children who offend: An evidence and gap map
Howard White, Ashwani Verma, Kusha Verma, Sabina Singh, Anagha Joshi, Ashima Mohan, Jane Lewis, Hannah Gaffney and Ashrita Saran
6 December 2020

The treatment of gender in crime and justice systematic reviews: An evidence and gap map
Jieyun Li, Howard White, Liping, Guo, Jingwen Li, Na Zhang, Xiuxia Li, Kehu Yang, Guanghua Liu
16 October 2020

The use of media as an offence-related behaviour in recidivism of ex-offenders: A systematic review
Ian S. Hamilton, Dominic A. S. Pearson
18 June 2020

Access to justice for the poor and disadvantaged in low- and middle-income countries: an evidence and gap map
Howard White, Angela Higginson, Ashrita Saran, Jill Adona, Roland Bless Taremwa, Benjamin Kachero, Liuissa Zhen
18 December 2018

The effectiveness of street outreach worker programs for reducing violence
Edward R. Maguire, Cody W. Telep, Thomas Abt
09 November 2018

Effectiveness of alternative dispute resolutions in improving case disposal in the judicial system in low- and middle-income countries
Benjamin Kachero, Ekwaro A. Obuku, Josephine Watera, Roland Bless Taremwa, Rashid Nguma Adrama
07 June 2018

Screening for Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and intellectual disability in the criminal justice system
Eddie Chaplin, Jane McCarthy, Debbie Spain, Barry Tolchard, Sally Hardy, Karina Marshall-Tate, Andrew Forrester
07 June 2018

Parenting programmes for reducing negative outcomes for incarcerated fathers and their families
Daragh Bradshaw, Katrina McLaughlin, Orla Muldoon
24 April 2017

Interventions that promote compliance with authority in correctional settings
Mark Lipsey, Joshua Polanin, Jill Robbinson, Jan Morrison
01 September 2015


The effect of nutritional supplement use in the management of symptoms in neurodevelopmental disorders: A systematic review
Bobbie Smith, Amanada Ludlow
13 February 2023

Compilation and mapping of functional assessment tools to the ICF-CY brief core set for children and adolescents with ADHD: A scoping review
Madhavilatha Maganti, Meenakshi Girish, Shashikala Gopalaswamy, SantanuTripathi, Sujiv Akkilagunta, Sunanda Kolli, Kawaljit Multani, Maria Lewin, Shilpa Sridharamurthy, Dinesh Saroj, Sofia Azad, Hamsalekha M C, Niharika Vellakkatt, Monika Bhalvani
17 October 2022

Inclusive interventions for children with disabilities in low- and middle-income countries
Anilkrishna Thota, Ebele Mogo, Dominic Igbelina, GregB Sheaf, Rahma Mustafa, Shivit Bakrania, Alberto Vasquez, Gavin Wood
27 October 2021

Support interventions for children with intellectual disabilities: An evidence and gap map
Huijuan Li, Xiuxia Li, Meixuan Li, Liang Yao, Kehu Yang
27 April 2020

Effectiveness of interventions for improving empowerment for people with disabilities in low- and middle-income countries: A systematic review
Xanthe Hunt, Ashrita Saran, Howard White, Hannah Kuper
13 April 2020

A consensus on the need for and level of physical, psychological and social support to enhance self-management in adults with Diabetes: A systematic review
Fiona McPherson, Josette Bettany-Saltikov, Katherine Swainston, Jonathan Ling, Julie Hogg, Greg Atkinson
13 April 2020

Nutrition status and its relationship with health status in individuals with spinal cord injury
Jia Li, Devin Drummer, Thomas Hoover, Christian Sidebottom, Rachel Cowan, John-Paul Tortorich, Cindy Cai, Elizabeth Scalia, Ceren Yarar-Fisher
29 March 2019 

What is the relationship between back shape/posture, balance, falling, and fear of falling in older adults with hyperkyphosis?
Roongtip Duangkaew, Josette Bettany-Saltikov, Paul van-Schaik, Gok Kandasamy, Julie Hogg
20 March 2019


Service learning interventions effectiveness in tertiary education: A systematic review
Patricia Ayllón Salas, Mirian Hervás Torres, Francisco Fernández Martín, Marta Pellegrini, Jose Arco Tirado, Andrew Furco
4 June 2023

Experiences and knowledge of racism during medical school: A systematic review
Karan Varshney, Mariyah Hoosenally, Jacqueline Rusnak, Devni Nagodavithana, Charlie Ho
5 July 2023

Opportunities and challenges of undergraduate health professional students' virtual clinical skills assessment during the Covid-19 pandemic: A systematic review
Marema Jebessa Kumsa, Girma Awaki Feyera, Daniel Desta Dolisso, Tefera Tadesse
6 July 2023

Learner-educator co-creation of student assessment in health professional education courses: A scoping review
Laura Killam, Rylan Egan, Christina Godfrey, Amanda Ross-White, Pilar Camargo-Plazas, Mercedes Lock, Marian Luctkar-Flude
28 July 2023

Prevention intervention and compensation programs to tackle school dropout: An evidence and gap map
Marta Pellegrini, Carmen Pannone, Daniela Fadda, Amanda Neitzel, Laura Francesca Scalas, Giuliano Vivanet
28 July 2023

Assessing the outcomes and impact of professional doctorate programmes in health and social care on the individual, their profession, their employing organisation and wider society: A systematic review
Hazel Chapman
26 April 2023

Identifying instructional design strategies for improving differentiated instruction in K-12 education in China: A systematic review
Haizhi Fu
3 March 2023

The effectiveness of public-private partnerships in education on educational access and quality of school education in low- and middle-income countries: A systematic review
Sajid Ali, Sadia Muzaffar Bhutta, Sohail Ahmad, Aisha Naz Ansari, Gohar Shah, Yasir Maqbool Qadir, Afaq Ahmed
21 November 2023

The relations between school suspension, exclusion and medium- to long-term student outcomes: A systematic review
Xinxin Zhu, Abby Lauren Pooley, Ingrid Obsuth, Harry Daniels, Ian Thompson, Aja Murray
24 January 2023

School absenteeism among children and young people with special educational needs: A systematic review
Lara Stauvermann, Meike Rau, Vivian Meyer, Isabella Sasso, Michael Feldhaus, Karsten Speck
22 November 2022

Assessing the use of the Population, Interventions, Comparator and Outcomes (PICO) framework in studies published in education: A meta-survey
Jiří Kantor, Roisin P. Corcoran, Jian Du, Jiaoli Li, Danping Peng, Monika Ptáčková, Dagmar Sedláčková, Alžběta Smrčková, Kateřina Veselá, Shulan Zeng, Holger J. Schünemann
7 November 2022

The effectiveness of teaching science experimentation using virtual reality for primary and secondary school students: A systematic review
Xiaoling Hu, Lingxia Zhao, Liping Guo, Mingfang Li and Kehu Yang
4 October 2022

The effectiveness of sexuality education on adolescent sexual knowledge and behaviour: a systematic review
Xinyu Huang, Chunyan Liu, Zhipeng Wei,Qin Yang, Howard White, Liping Guo, Kehu Yang
2 September 2022

School-based screening to capture unmet social and emotional needs in children and young people: A scoping systematic review of the Boxall Profile
Angeliki Kallitsoglou, Antonia Simon, Olympia Palikara
2 September 2022

Education interventions for the teaching and learning of evidence based practice in developing countries: A systematic review of undergraduate healthcare students
Dorothy I. Nalweyiso, Josette Bettany-Saltikov, Joseph Kabanda, Alison A. Kinengyere, Aloysius G. Mubuuke, Katherine Sanderson
25 August 2022

An evidence and gap map: Immersive reality in higher education during the Covid-19 pandemic
Vickel Narayan, Thomas Cochrane, James Birt
25 August 2022

Information literacy education for improving health information-seeking-behaviour in Black American communities: A systematic review
Bethany McGowan, Jahala Simuel, Christina Harrington
24 August 2022

Effectiveness of sexual and reproductive health blended learning approaches for capacity strengthening of health professionals in low- and middle-income countries: A systematic review
Elizabeth A. Kumah, Florence Mgawadere, Alice Ladur, Sarah White, Zainab Suleiman, Nicholas Furtado, Charles Ameh16 August 2022

Effectiveness of problem-based learning for medical education: Overview of systematic reviews and meta-analysis
Liping Guo, Xin Xing, Kangle Guo, Xiaoling Hu, Chunyan Liu, Kehu Yang
2 March 2022

Computer simulations for support inquiry-based learning: A systematic review
Athony Asiimwe, Herbert James Banda, Joseph Nzabahimana
1 March 2022

The adverse effects of digital game-based learning: A systematic review
Yu Peng, Liping Guo, Jing Liu, Kehu Yang, Lifang Li
16 December 2021

Strategy instructions for improving short- and long-term writing performance on secondary and upper secondary school students (ages 12-19): A systematic review
André Kalmendal, Rickard Carlsson, Thomas Nordström, Ida Henriksson
15 November 2021

Key characteristics of effective preschool-based interventions to promote self-regulation: A systematic review and meta-analysis
Atsushi Kanayama, Iram Siraj, Mariola Moeyaert, Natasha Robinson, Ruoying He, Rahel Warnatsch, Yuding Ding, Karou Iwasa
3 November 2021

The role of school-work experience programmes in promoting career orientation in high school students: A systematic review
Donatella Poliandri, Mauro Palumbo, Antonio Fasanella, Alessandra Decataldo, Rita Marzoli, Sebastiano Benasso, Maria Dentale, Maria Paola Faggiano, Ughetta Favazzi, Brunella Fiore, Paola Giannoni, Grazia Graziosi, Monica Guerra, Veronica Lo Presti, Lorenzo Mancini, Beba Molinari, Enrico Nerli-Ballati, Noemi Novello, Valentina Pacetti, Valeria Pandolfini, Fiorenzo Parziale, Stefania Sette, Claudio Torrigiani
24 August 2021

School-based social skills training for children with learning disabilities: A systematic review

Kangle Guo, Xiuxia Li, Nan Chen, Yanfei Li, Lufang Feng, Jingwen Li, Jieyun Li, Xiajing Chu, Na Zhang, Howard White, Kehu Yang
27 May 2021

Use of a problem-based learning (PBL) teaching model for undergraduate medical education: A systematic review
Xin Xing, Kehu Yang,Xiuxia Li, Zhihong Li, Guo, Liping
8 February 2021

School-community practices for enhancing civic engagement in primary, secondary and adult education: A systematic review
Marcella Milanà, Francesca Rapana, Luca Ghirotto, Rita Marzoli
25 January 2021

An evidence and gap map of studies of yoga at school for primary school students in English- and German-speaking countries
Sandra Rogowski, Jolika Schulte, Karin Zimmer
18 January 2021

A systematic review and meta‐analysis of 5E‐based interventions for improving STEM outcomes
Joshua R. Polanin, Megan Austin, Joseph Taylor, Ryan Williams
12 January 2021

Paired Reading to improve educational outcomes in children aged 4 to 11: A systematic review
Jennifer Roberts, Paul Connolly, Judy Sebba, Laura Neeson, Sharon Millen
18 November 2020

School interventions that strengthen school climate and school identification: A systematic review
Diana Cárdenas, Kate J. Reynolds
25 September 2020

Support services in provision for under-represented groups of online students in higher education: A systematic review
Chloe Warner (Cox), Professor Jacqueline McCormack, Dr Ellen E. A. Simpson, Dr Allison M.C. Gillen
25 September 2020

The effect of interventions for self-efficacy and maths self-efficacy on the mathematics performance of adolescents and young adults in education: A systematic review
Yasmin Bador, Charis Voutsina, Julie Hadwin
17 September 2020

High school esports: Describing the current state of the literature and exploring effects on student outcomes
Brandy Maynard, Jacob A. Maynard
30 June 2020

Early childhood interventions in low- and middle-income countries: An evidence and gap map
Paul Connolly, Sarah Miller, Laura Dunne, Nicole Craig, Aoibheann Brennan-Wilson
31 March 2020

Meta-cognition and maths performance in children and adolescents: A non-intervention systematic review
Gemma Muncer, Julie Hadwin, Phil Higham
28 January 2020 

School-based reading interventions for improving reading skills and educational outcomes on primary school students in low- and middle-income countries 
Qiufeng Gao, Huan Wang, Scott Rozelle, Yaojiang Shi, Jason Li, Lifang Zhang, Wei Nie
11 March 2019

The effectiveness of homework in primary school
Jennifer Hanratty, Sarah Miller, Aoibheann Brennan-Wilson, Maria Cockerill, Jenny Davison, Jennifer Roberts, Karen Winter
13 February 2019

Testing frequency and student achievement
Jens Dietrichson, Trine Filges, Julie Kaas Seerup, Bjørn Arleth Viinholt
11 December 2018

The impact of school-based vision care programs on the academic performance and well-being of school-aged children
Huan Wang, Matthew Boswell, Scott Rozelle, Nathan Congdon, Hongyu Guan, Jin Zhao
04 December 2018

Parent-child reading to improve school readiness and language development at school entry
James Law, Cristina McKean, Jenna Charlton, Robert Rush, Fiona Beyer, Cristina Fernandez-Garcia
29 January 2018

The impact of teacher professional development programs on academic achievement of US students in Grades 3-12
Adam K. Edgerton, Loretta M. Flanagan-Cato, Elinor Williams, Haisheng Yang
29 January 2018

Factors associated with user engagement in online professional development courses
Jane Lee, Taren Sanders, Devan Antczak, Rhiannon Parker, Philip Parker, Chris Lonsdale
26 June 2017

The effects of grouping students by academic attainment on educational outcomes in secondary schools
Paul Connolly, Nicole Craig, Sarah Miller, Louise Archer, Becky Francis, Jeremy Hodgen, Anna Mazenod, Becky Taylor, Antonina Tereshchenko
03 April 2017

School-based physical activity interventions and wellbeing in children: a systematic review and intervention complexity assessment
Aideen Johnson, Paul Connolly, Mark A Tully
13 February 2017

Family-focused prevention to improve cognitive, educational, and social-emotional development of immigrant children and adolescents
Louisa S. Arnold, Andreas Beelmann, Douglas Coatsworth
06 February 2017

Community-based early childhood programmes for improving developmental outcomes for children
Laura Dunne, Nicole Craig, Paul Connolly, Karen Winter
22 November 2016

First language-mediated strategies for improving linguistic proficiency and academic attainment for bilingual children aged 4-11 in non-bilingual schools
Hamish Chalmers
01 September 2016

Manualized social emotional learning program for preventing violence in school-aged children: the Second Step Program
Gregory E. Moy, Brian Trainor, Amy Hughes, Thuy-Vy H. Phan, Terri Pigott
05 February 2016

Teaching methods for improving the quality of teachers and trainers of technical and vocational education
Pambe Miong Rigobert, Aweh Annih, Okwen P. Mbah, Ndong Ignatius Cheng
11 March 2014

International Development

Barriers and facilitators of community participation for improving maternal and child health utilisation and outcomes in low-and-middle-income countries: A mixed-method systematic review
Wapangjungla Longchar, Sibasis Hense, Denny John
14 June 2023

Digital tools and job aids used by and for community health workers in low- and middle-income countries to improve health outcomes and increase effectiveness: An evidence and gap map
William Philbrick, Jacob Milnor, Zeus Aranda, Feven Mekuria, Perpetua Mbachu, Brian Ssennoga, Patricia Mechael
14 August 2023

The impact of public information on the electoral behaviour of citizens and the decision-making of politicians in developing countries: A systematic review
Nan Chen, Kangle Guo, Yanfei Li, Lufang, Feng, Na Zhang, Jieyun li,Howard White, Xiuxia Li, Kehu Yang
09 February 2023

Risk factors of anemia in low- and middle-income countries: A systematic review
Kavita Singh, Suchi Kapoor, Aakriti Gupta, Ashrita Saran, Howard White
15 November 2022

Evidence and gap map of effectiveness studies of interventions for promoting women’s entrepreneurship in agri-business
Bhumika T V, Avni Mishra, Edoardo Masset, Niyati Singaraju, Ranjitha Puskur, Howard White
25 April 2022

Effect of Conditional and Unconditional Cash Transfers on Household Expenditure: A Systematic Review

Liangying Hou, Yongzhong Sha, Yanfei Li, Francesco Burchi, Howard White, Ying Yang, Lufang Feng, Long Ge, Kehu Yang
19 May 2022

The impact of infrastructure on nutritious diets among low-income consumers, women’s economic empowerment and gender equality in low- and middle-income countries: An evidence and gap map
David Ameyaw, Takyiwaa Manuh, Charles Yaw Okyere, Pacem Kotchofa, Gloria Odei Obeng-Amoako, Clarice Panyin Nyan, Edward Kusi Asafo-Agyei, Roberta Blankson, Suchi Malhotra, Hamdiyah Alhassan, Ralph Armah, Solomon Zena Walelign
16 May 2022

Studies of the effectiveness of interventions promoting women empowerment in developing countries: An evidence and gap map
Sabina Singh, Naila Kabeer, Howard White, Ratheebhai Vijayamma, Andreas Reumann, Deborah Kim, Martin Prowse, Jyotsna Puri, Romina Cavatassi, Aslihan Arslan, Mir Shahriar Islam, Ndaya Beltchika
12 May 2022

Interventions to increase youth employment: A qualitative review
Robert Apunyo, Caroline Otike, Thomas Katairo, Martha Kyaterekera, Mary Baremirwe Bekoreire, Verena Niyadurupola, Howard White
26 April 2022

Effectiveness of economic development interventions in humanitarian settings: A mixed-method systematic review
Suchi Kapoor Malhotra, Marcella Vigneri, Howard White
1 April 2022

Barriers and facilitators to enhancing access to business information through uptake of ICTs by women owning enterprises in low- and middle-income countries: A qualitative synthesis
Ruth Nsibirano, Alison Annet Kinengyere, Agatha Kisa, Consolata Kabonesa, Howard White
30 April 2021

How does education affect health: A systematic review
Fatima Zahra, Nicole Haberland, Lauren Woyczynski, Stephanie Psaki
19 March 2021

Effects of women’s groups on gendered asset ownership in low- and middle-income countries
Thomas de Hoop, Amber Peterman, Garima Siwach , Chinmaya Holla, Sohini Paul, Sapna Desai, Eve Namisango, Ekwaro A. Obuku
1 October 2020

How are menstrual hygiene management (MHM) interventions providing feminine hygiene products, and what are the characteristics of such interventions to serve as sustainable solutions? A systematic review
Sara Spencer, Alexandre Dumouza, Aryan Heydarypour
1 October 2020

Impact of COVID-19 on the health and nutrition of women and children in low- and middle-income countries
Bianca Carducci, Emily C Keats, Anushka Ataullahjan, Zulfiqar A. Bhutta
9 July 2020

Participant racial and ethnic diversity in trials testing non-diet approaches to weight management in US adults: A systematic review
Cristina Bergman, Purnima Madhivanan
6 December 2019

Effectiveness of interventions to reduce environmental air pollution: An evidence and gap map in low- and middle-income countries
Judith A. Noronha, Vijy Shree Dhyani, Prathibha Kamath, Ashrita Saran, Preethy Dsouza, Anil Raj
4 November 2019

An evidence and gap map of development evaluations conducted in Karnataka 2000-19
Bhumika TV, Ashrita Saran, Divya Sussana Patil, Eti Rajwar, Howard White
27 September 2019

Mitigating climate change in food consumption and food waste: A systematic map of behavioural interventions
Lucia A. Reisch, Mark A. Andor, Friederike C. Doebbe, Neal R. Haddaway, Johanna Meier
12 September 2019

An evidence and gap map of development evaluations conducted in Kenya 2000-2018
Ashrita Saran, Rodney Malesi, Timothy Okech, Virginia Thuku, Evans Mokeni, Margaret Githinji, Bosco Okumu, David Ameyaw, Francis Rathinam, Zeba Siddiqui, Howard White
9 September 2019

Impact assessment of electronic waste recycling practices
Salsabil Shaikh, Keith Thomas, Segu Zuhair
30 August 2019

A map of development evaluations conducted in Uganda 2000-2018
Howard White, Timothy Lubanga, Roland Bless Taremwa, Benjamin Kachero, Caroline Otike, Robert Apunyo, Alison Kinengyere, Francis Rathinam, Zeba Siddiqui, Ekwaro Obuku, Ashrita Saran
12 August 2019

Early detection and intervention for reducing the impact of hearing loss in infancy to late adolescence: an evidence and gap map
Dhanshree R Gunjawate, Rohit Ravi, Carlie Driscoll
16 July 2019

Effects of prenatal flavour exposure on subsequent food preferences and birth outcomes of offspring
Beyza Nur Ustun, Dilara Ozsoy, Judith Covey, Nadja Reissland
16 May 2019

Examination and reporting of intersectionality in systematic reviews: capturing multidimensional experiences in public health and nutrition interventions
Manasee Mishra, Andreea Brabete, Jennifer Petkovic, Kate Ghezzi-Kopel
13 May 2019

Nutrition-specific and nutrition-sensitive risk factors of linear growth among children and adolescents (0-19 years) in low- and middle-income countries
Ashley Aimone Phillips, Kerri Wazny, Jo-Anna Baxter, Nandita Perumal, Stanley Zlotkin, Zulfiqar Bhutta
01 September 2014

Interventions for employment creation in micro, small and medium-sized enterprises in low- and middle-income countries
Michael Grimm, Anna Luisa Paffhausen
01 May 2013

Knowledge Translation and Implementation

Electronic hand hygiene monitoring for health care settings: An evidence and gap map
Donna Moralejo, Jane Chudleigh, Dinah Gould, Edward Pursssell, Nicholas Drey, Clare Hawker
27 July 2023

The application of information and communication technologies in physical activity interventions for breast cancer: A scoping review
Xin Chen, Maaz Imam, Yutong Yi, JJ Pionke, Lixcy Vega, Anna Arthur, Jessie Chin, Chungyi Chiu
27 July 2023

Lead pollution and its effect on the population of Bangladesh: A scoping review
Mosammat Ivylata Khanam, Konok Akter, Sabrina Rasheed
20 April 2022


 Practical methods for extracting summary statistics for meta-analysis of time-to-event outcomes: A systematic review and bibliometric analysis
Peijing Yan, Liang Yao, Jing Liu, Zhenxin Lu, Hui Xu, Jing Li, Cairong Zhu, Kehu Yang
21 April 2021

Machine learning methods for moderator meta-analysis: A systematic meta-review and an application to tutoring interventions
Rasmus Henriksen Klokker, Jens Dietrichson, Trine Filges, Terri D. Pigott, Bjørn Arleth Viinholt
8 June 2020

The methodological and reporting characteristics of economic methods and outcomes in Campbell reviews
Denny John, Pauline Sobiesuo, Devarshi Bhattacharyya, Luke Vale
05 April 2019

Publication bias in effectiveness studies of international development interventions: a review of evidence from systematic reviews
Manisha Gupta, Hugh Waddington, Jill Adona, Hannah R. Rothstein, Howard White
20 April 2017

Social Welfare

Abortion and women's mental health: A systematic review
Julia Littell
9 May 2023

Interventions to support violence against women victim-survivors in high-income countries to heal and recover: An evidence and gap map
Elizabeth Watt
9 May 2023

Medical-financial partnerships for improving financial and medical outcome for lower-income Americans: A systematic review
Julie Birkenmaier
1 May 2023

The effectiveness of collaborative governance to improve the well-being of the people those experiencing and at risk of homelessness: A systematic review
Tao Nian, Kuhu Yang, Xiuxia Li
9 February 2023

Individuation training for reducing implicit racial bias: A systematic review and meta-analysis
Helena Garcez, Tiago O. Paiva, Catarina Botelho, Fernando Barbosa, Fernando Ferreira-Santos
10 January 2023

The effectiveness of Housing First for Canadians for those experiencing and at risk of homelessness: A systematic review
Gecheng Cui, Liujiao Cao, Xin Xng, Kehu Yang
21 December 2022

The effectiveness of behavioral interventions to promote smoking cessation amongst those experiencing and at risk of homelessness
Runjing Dai, Tiantian Feng, Hailiang Zhang, Na Zhao, Kuhu Yang, Jingchun Fan
19 December 2022

Resilience measures and their psychometric properties: A systematic review
Donncha Hanna, Liam O’Hare, Laura Dunne, Richard Lombard-Vance, Sarah Miller
8 August 2022

The effectiveness of skills training to increase employment amongst those experiencing and at risk of homelessness
Zijun Li, Yanfei Li, Ke Guo, Mina Ma, Minyan Yang, Kehu Yang
10 July 2022

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